Master Bathroom & Flooring Progress

It truly has been a long 5 months working on our master bath renovation. Luckily we had another bathroom close to us that we have taken over during this renovation, not to worry the bathroom “belongs” to our middle daughter who is away at college in Virginia 99% of the time so no one is really being put out. However, it’s still been a long renovation, but since we’re doing it ourselves and mostly on available weekends progress has been s-l-o-w.

So here’s a little glimpse into where we stand so far…

We have gotten all of the tile up and grouting will be happening soon.

Master bathroom walk-in shower

(The shower curb will be covered with the same marble we use on the vanity tops which is why you still see the waterproof membrane.)

We had a few weekends of flooring installation… this flooring is a 7” wide plank engineered wood flooring with 2.5mm oak layer on top (which means it can be refinished at least twice if need be). We opted to nail it down, but it can be glued, floated or nailed if you want. It has a wire brushed, hand scraped finish to it so I am hoping it will show less wear. The flooring extends from the upstairs hall, through the master bedroom, bathroom and closet and we freaking LOVE it!

New hardwood flooring installed in hall, bathroom, master bedroom and closet

My list of things to finish is far to long to type, lets just say it’s extensive… but Lieutenant Dan I have floors!!

Engineered oak wood flooring in master bathroom

More glorious uninterrupted floors on my side of the closet, I cannot wait to see how good the molding looks after we get it installed!

Engineered oak wood flooring in master closet

We’re still cutting trim etc. in the bathroom, but we have organized everything on one side of the closet… still this is way better than trudging up and down the stairs a gazillion times. The down side to this is that the dust pretty much is EVERYWHERE!

Master bathroom renovations

The vanities are ready to be put in place, we have to cut the water off to install them so we wanted to wait and install both vanities and the toilet at the same time to be slightly more efficient. Once they’re in place we can get the countertop guys to come over and get the template for the marble for the tops and the shower curb!

Master bathroom renovations

Below is one of my favorite areas in the bathroom, my little vanity “nook”, it’s the dormer window area that we have added electricity and a floating table top to. Also, on the right hand side of this “hall” will be a built-in area for the laundry basket with a shelf above it for whatever.

It’s was originally a very awkward space… trust me… (*update: I posted a picture on my Instagram account Sunday of the board and batten in progress here, check it out on the sidebar if you’re curious)

Look at all of the light I get, plus we have 3 large shade trees in the front yard that dapple the light and add to the privacy.

Dormer window vanity makeup area

This is what it looked like before, an 8ft. long “hall” to a window seat… now please tell me who the hell would sit on that seat? It was so weird! The hobbit door on the left was what they described as a luggage room, it was weird too… it may have even been haunted…

Stupid seat in dormer window hall

So that’s pretty much where we’re at with the renovations so far. The very next things on the list the hubby and I will be tackling together are grouting, trim installed in water closet, toilet and vanities installed. I myself will be filling nail holes and caulking until I never want to caulk again… fun times at home!

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share please do, I get to them WAY faster than I get to writing my posts. And if you happen live in the Louisville, KY area and want to help me caulk let me know, I’ll make us some Mojito’s and we can play some groovy 80’s cardio music Party smile … UGH…


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