The really big mess we’re making in the basement…

So we REALLY are making a HUGE mess in the basement, lots of dust and tools, but I couldn’t be happier! We finished painting over the awful faux finish wall treatment and are in the process of updating the built-in entertainment area. Just so you know I wanted to hire someone to paint the basement because it was a lot and I just wanted it done, but with a price quote of $1,300 not including paint I decided to put on my big girl panties and get it done (with a lot of help from my Super Awesome Hubby too!) I wanted to share with you the progress of the TV wall though, as I am super thrilled with how it’s coming along.

This is what the basement built-in entertainment area looked like just before we moved in. While some of you might possibly think the walls look good, trust me, in person they were pretty bad. These are really nice built-ins however, but that TV area was made for one of those mack daddy TV’s, you remember the SUPER deep ones? All of the wires you see sticking out of the wall are for the cable and the surround sound.

Basement media wall before

Removing the deep TV built-in and the narrow cabinet beside it was no picnic let me tell you! They built them in place so the backs of the cabinets were actually the drywall part of the wall. The long holes you see snaking along the top of the wall near the ceiling are where we ran the speaker wire up so that we could install the in wall speakers here. We also moved the electric outlets and finished out the wires in the wall for a cleaner look.

Basement media wall in progress

The speakers came with a template that we traced around and then cutout the drywall to house the units.

Basement media wall in progress

We have installed this same V-groove wood planks on this wall as we have in the girl’s bathroom and the laundry room. First and most importantly it covers up all of the holes we made in the drywall, but also it will provide a nice background texture for what we are planning to do…

Basement media wall in progress

I hope everyone knows you can get your primer tinted for free right? I had my Kilz tinted as dark gray as possible to help with the final coat.

Basement media wall in progress

My SAH and I designed this cabinet to hold all of our components under the TV. We used our handy Kreg Jig to help with this project!

Basement media wall in progress

Basement media wall in progress

Ok, so this is where we finished up this weekend. Are you digging the black wall or is it just a tad too much for you? I think this will be the perfect backdrop for the TV and some decorative items on the shelves.

I will finish priming and painting it this week so the only thing that will be left to do is find a TV for this spot… and let me tell you my Hubby is SO looking forward to that part of the project!

Basement media wall in progress

Ideally he wants something this BIG, but we’ll see (excuse the crude Photoshop mock up). It’s a very large area and can hold an 80” TV. In case you were wondering about the scale of this area it’s 12’ wide by 10’ tall. This potential TV is why we removed the skinny built in, gotta have as much TV space as possible for watching football right?!

Basement media wall in progress

So it’s coming along slowly, but I have to blame that on the weather. It’s been so gorgeous here in Louisville, KY recently that I have been doing as much outside as I can… pretty soon winter will be here and I will be stuck inside then anyway!

I hope you all are having beautiful Fall weather too! Thanks so much for stopping by…

Until next time!


Laundry Room Makeover Exciting News!

Hey all! I just got some pretty fantastic news that I wanted to share with you! Do you remember my laundry room makeover?


Well I’m super excited to say it has been chosen for Apartment Therapy’s Room For Color 2014 contest!


As you can tell it is a room FULL of color! I would LOVE it if you could take the time to hop over to Apartment Therapy and vote for me! It’s easy just click on this link and vote by clicking on the red button below the pictures that says “FAVORITED”, the deadline is Oct. 3rd!

Thanks so much for all of you wonderful comments on the original post, they REALLY mean a lot to me!


Beautiful Laundry Room Makeover

Let me start by apologizing for being so absent! Sometimes I really get sucked into the projects we are working on and just can’t (or don’t want to) carve out the hours necessary to photograph and write up a post… I want to share but I’m just so darn slow so forgive me ‘kay?

So as the title states we have been working on making over our laundry room. It’s a very nice sized room (12L x 7.5W) with a folding table, cabinets, a sink and natural light, what more can a girl want right? Let me share with you the underwhelming Before shots before you answer that question…

before laundry room makeoverbefore laundry room makeover

First of all AGAIN I’m dealing with white on white on beige, I think the previous owners were deathly afraid of color! Also, checkout the weird light placement below. I think they installed the pull down stairs after the fact and because of that had to move the light as half of the light is over the cabinet… thanks mister stair installer!

before laundry room makeover

So not only did the light placement look weird, but those cabinets just smack you in your face when you walked in and they also made the room feel claustrophobic. So we removed the upper cabinets and I can’t tell you what a difference this made… don’t worry about losing storage space there is a TON of storage in this house so I really didn’t use these cabinets anyway.

before laundry room makeover

After removing the wire shelving (ARGH!) and the folding table we then moved one of the upper cabinets to this area. I added bead board leftovers to the side of the cabinet to jazz it up a little.

before laundry room makeover

We added some V grove wood planks (same as we did here), primed and painted them.

installing v grove wall planksinstalling v grove wall planks

The color we chose is Benjamin Moore Regal Select (Pearl Finish) Barely Teal #2048-70. It’s a very pretty blue, quite honestly I don’t see any teal, but it’s very pretty and coordinates with the wallpaper (oh, did I not mention we are installing wallpaper in here, well we are!?)

installing v grove wall planks

I removed the old countertop and sink from the base cabinets on the other side. The drawer fronts and doors were also removed because I am painting the white cabinets… Just freaking WAIT until you see these cabinets!!!

painting laundry room cabinets

So there is a HUGE reason I am doing all of this work for a laundry room… it’s because every time I walk up the stairs this is the room I look into. It has a window to the backyard that lets in a ton of light into the hall so this door stays open pretty much all of the time. So here is my view now…  and I kid you not I smile every time I walk up the stairs and see this view!

Laundry room makeover update, blue, teal and citron

The cabinets I painted with a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (50/50 Provence & Florence) it coordinates perfectly with the Amy Butler wallpaper and is such a stunning teal color.

teal painted laundry room cabinets, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

The knobs I found at Lowes, they’re Allen Roth brand and just perfect I think! The cabinets were waxed with Minwax Paste Wax after a very light sanding.

teal painted laundry room cabinets, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We paid someone to install the wallpaper, I can install wallpaper but I was concerned it would not be perfect and these guys did a perfect job! The new countertop is a faux Carrera marble laminate, which I was very concerned about (the faux part), but really turned out being just right!

Amy Butler wallpaper and v grove planked laundry room walls

The drying racks I picked up on a trip to Ikea and are fabulous!

Ikea drying racks

The countertop we made out of two pieces of 2” thick pine boards that we attached together, sanded, stained and waxed. It is about 6” narrower than the original folding table but it helps the area in front of the washer & dryer feel more open and there is still plenty of room to fold.

Custom wood folding table

This cabinet is installed up high, but I really like having all of the space beneath the cabinet and I can still easily reach the bottom shelf, I would need a stool for the less used items I keep up top.

Painted and upgraded cabinet

We painted the ceiling and the pull down stairs the same white, it doesn’t disappear but it is less noticeable. You can also get a sneak peek at the black photo wall in the hall that we are still working on… We also replaced the sink and faucet with a new stainless steel sink and chrome faucet… the old ones were pretty beat up.

Laundry room makeover update

Obviously we replace the “boob” lights. This one is so cool, it’s made from a vintage can, I picked it up at Shades of Light while is was back in Richmond visiting.

Custom vintage can light

It tool me a while to find the right piece to coordinate with the can light but this fixture was perfect… well maybe not “perfect” as I did have to paint the original rust finish with a zinc like finish that worked better with the other light. Still it’s cool right?

Cool laundry room lighting

This is another Ikea piece I already had, it is perfect for hanging paint brushes up to dry and to hold those pods for the washer.

Ikea wall mount rack

I did consider a countertop over the washer & dryer but it would really be for looks and not for function so for now this is the way it is.

Laundry room makeover update

We made another small wood shelf to hold some decorative items, which is all the decorating this laundry room is getting!

Custom shelving in laundry room

So when all was said and done we made a huge change to the room right?

Before and After Laundry Room Makeover

While all of this color might not be your cup of tea, let me tell you this is BY FAR the most vibrant and fun room in the house. And why not? I think the laundry room should be as cheery as possible and I think we achieved that goal.

Let me know what you think! Are you more of a subtle, understated laundry room fan or a punch of color and pattern is fabulous fan?

Thanks as always for stopping by and leaving some comment love!

Until next time!

UPDATE: Our laundry room has been chosen for Apartment Therapy’s Color 2014! Would LOVE it if you would go vote for me!


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