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Teenage Girl Bedroom Makeover

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by to check out my daughter’s bedroom makeover! My daughter (Brie) is 12, so I think she is a year shy of being a “teenager”, but she sure does act like one so that’s the category I’m going to put her in Sarcastic smile I also put her in the pain in the butt category from time to time too… just sayin’…

As you may (or may not) know we moved from my hometown of Richmond, VA to Louisville, KY almost a year ago. It was a hard move on us all, but “poor” Brie had JUST had her bedroom updated in Richmond and she kept saying how she missed it (among other things). Even though it has taken us almost a year to get to her new bedroom, I think the wait was worth it!

Just to let you know we did all of updates while she was spending time with her Grandmother back in Virginia. She was gone for about a month (Party smile) so we had plenty of time to get it done… plus it was a whole lot easier to just do it without the interference… if you know what I mean. We also did a super cool update on her closet that you can checkout here if you want to see it.

This was her room before we moved in. It is a nice big room, good carpet, lots of light, but again with the beige on beige on beige! I think the owners painted most of the rooms this before putting it on the market…


BEFORE room makeover

We painted both the inside of her closet and her room with Benjamin Moore Galt Blue. It’s a pretty almost Tiffany like blue.

Galt Blue

Here it is the AFTER

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

The bed is “new”, you can checkout the post on the restoration of it here, but pretty much everything else we had. Well, the cardboard ram head is new and it’s one of Brie’s favorite pieces she says! The vintage doors I updated for her last room and are very special to me, I also think they’re pretty cool!

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

I bought the the “S” pillows from Etsy and made the mum’s pillow myself. The bedding is from Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond and the duvet cover is reversible. I would have had it showing the grey and white chevron side, but Brie is NOT a fan of the grey so I have to sneak it in where I can… I seriously don’t know what is wrong with that child Winking smile

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

When Brie and I were discussing her room makeover she had said she wanted a chalkboard… Do you think this one is big enough for her?

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

I bought the ART letters from Joanne Fabrics, they were originally plain cardboard and updated them with some different mediums to give them some interest. The wire is actually a curtain holder from Ikea that we had never installed. Seriously this works so perfectly to hang photos and pictures with the little clips! As she gets older we can take down the “ART” letters and make this a cool place for friends to leave notes, she’s soooo into this!

Art wall with chalkboard

I had this vintage seed packet holder in storage that now functions perfectly to hold her drawing supplies.

chalk holder

We added the curtain over the vanity doorway because this area freaks her out at night. So she closes these every night and it solves the problem. We had these curtains in her last room so all I did was paint the rod coral. I also painted her vintage plant stand coral to bring in some smaller punches of coral around the room.

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & grayCoral painted vintage flower stand

All of the furniture she had, but I did embellish some white Ikea curtains with the same mums fabric I used for the pillow and the valance in the closet.

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

I love this window seat we made for her last room and it has a perfect place in her new room. I made a couple of little throw pillows for her in case she ever decides to sit on it…

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & grayTeenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

She is still using her vintage store shelving. If it were up to me all of this “crap” would be tucked away hidden somewhere, but she likes to see all of her stuff! I don’t know why because she is quite a messy girl, but this is her room so see it she will!

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & grayVintage shelving for toy storage

Just in case you’re interested, she LOVES her new room and closet!! She and her sister have been having fun drawing on the chalkboard and they both went gaga over her new closet! She also said she likes her new room better than her last room which is a big WIN for me!

Teenage girl bedroom blue, coral & gray

So that’s are latest finished room in the house. We are currently working on the laundry room, but I am having a hard time deciding on new countertops… I may have to share our progress to get some suggestions!

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing Brie’s room makeover! I would love to hear what you think about it!

Until next time…


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Beautiful Vintage Bed Makeover

Hey guys! Well I’m FINALLY working on a piece of furniture Smile, it’s for Brie, but I am working on furniture!

So I purchased a full size vintage wood bed off of Craig’s List for $125, which is not a bad price but not super good either (I’ll explain later). I had a heck of a time finding a “nice” full sized bed that would work for my youngest daughter, so when I saw this one come up I immediately contacted the guy. However, I didn’t put the entire bed together (wood rails) to ensure stability (bad, bad Susan), I just made sure that the rails were the right ones by testing them in the slots. Anyway, when I got started on the bed and put it together it was SUPER wobbly! I don’t have the skills necessary to fix it, plus one of the wood rails already had a REALLY bad repair done to it, so I decided to look for an alternative. I found this great US company STL Beds that make metal replacement rails for vintage beds (among other things). After printing out their template to make sure it would work with my frame I purchased the No.1 Full Hook Side Rails. Hooking them up was pretty straightforward, you are not supposed to use wood slats, and let me tell you this bedframe is now T-I-G-H-T! It doesn’t move or wiggle or make any creaking sounds at all, which my daughter is thrilled about!

So this is the vintage bedframe I started with, great bones just needs a little love and a little less paint on it…


Vintage wood full bed

You could see a lot of wear on the rails.

Vintage wood full bed

Those two black marks on the right and left was some kind of hardcore stuff to get off…

Vintage wood full bed

More wear…

Vintage wood full bedVintage wood full bed

I used 3 products to clean and restore this bed, Murphy Oil Soap, Howard Restore-A-Finish and Howard Feed-N-Wax. Let me tell you I use the Murphy Oil soap all of the time to clean pieces I am going to paint or refinish. I smells great and cleans fabulously, perfect for cleaning out old smelly cabinets or drawers.

How to restore furniture

My process was to spray the oil soap on the wood, scrub (with the grain) the wood with 0000 steel wool then wipe it down with a cloth until clean. This took me about an hour because the bed was filthy and had a lot of wax buildup on it. Below you can see the grey streaks of wax still to remove.

How to restore furniture

After cleaning it I let it dry out overnight and then came back and applied the Restore-A-Finish according to the directions. The last step was to wax it with the Feed-N-Wax product according to it’s directions… BTW this stuff smells like oranges too! This is what it looked like after the Restore-A-Finish was applied.

How to restore furniture

The bed is all set up now in Brie’s finished room (which I will share soon), it turned out even more beautifully than I could have hoped. Just look at the gorgeous graining on the wood!


Gorgeous Restored vintage full sized bed

Swoon worthy…

Gorgeous Restored vintage full sized bed

All of the rails now look great, not brand new, but great! Certainly it is not showing its age anymore! Yes, I know I need a bed skirt… priorities people Winking smile

Gorgeous Restored vintage full sized bed

It seriously will be a piece that she can use for years to come and hopefully pass down to her kids!

Gorgeous Restored vintage full sized bed

I want to mention that a lot of the time you will see me painting pieces, but I don’t always. If the piece is salvageable and looks best in it’s original state then that is what I will do. I could NEVER had painted this piece after seeing the beautiful natural graining of this wood, but had I been unable to save the veneer then painting would have been an option.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation of this bed and I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the new steel rails I purchased for it! Let me know what you think!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!


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Laundry Room Update In Progress

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We took the opportunity to work on updating our laundry room, so it was a working holiday weekend for us, which is ok especially since I’m thrilled with how it is progressing. While it’s not finished yet, I wanted to share with you our progress.

We started out with this… a white on white on beige laundry room, it was very dull, except for my new Dash & Albert rug that is!

Laundry Room Update before

The attic access is in here, I had already replaced the string with an eye hook so at least the string was not hanging down annoyingly all of the time, also check out where they decided to move the first light fixture to… over the cabinets, what a brilliant idea!

Laundry Room Update before

The other side of the room has a fabulously HUGE folding table, but again with the wire shelving… UGH!

Laundry Room Update before

Our first step was to remove the upper cabinets, pretty easy, we first removed all of the doors and shelves to make them lighter, then just a few screws to remove and they were down. It made a significant difference in the feel of the room with these gone.

Removing upper cabinets from wall

We decided to keep only one cabinet and we relocated it to the other side of the room where we had just removed the wire shelving and countertop.

Installing upper cabinet and removing countertops

We added a piece to the top of the cabinet in order to attach molding and we also added some beadboard planks to the side to finish it off.

Adding molding to embellish cabinet

We removed the sink and countertop from the base cabinets as well.

Removing countertop and sink in laundry room

Now the fun part! Onto the V-groove planking. It’s not hard to install (see the girls’ bathroom update here for more details) just time consuming.

Adding v-groove wood planks to laundry room walls

We primed all of the boards with Kilz to ensure that there would be no knot bleed through down the road. After priming I caulked the edges and corners before applying the final paint color.

Adding v-groove wood planks to laundry room walls

The color we chose for the planks is Benjamin Moore Barely Teal #2048-70, it’s a very pretty pale blue (I don’t see any teal in it personally). We chose to use the Pearl finish, which is a sheen between Eggshell & Satin, it’s just perfect!

Benjamin Moore Barely Teal paint in laundry room

Here is where we are today. We replaced the light over the sink with a new pendant light, all of the planking is up and painted and even the ceiling got a fresh coat of paint. The cabinets I painted with a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (50/50 Provence and Florence) which is a beautiful Teal color, waxed and buffed. We still need to make a final decision on the countertop here, but the sink and faucet are already here.

Custom Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence and Florence mix

On this side of the room (which now feels HUGE with the countertop gone) we still need to make and install the new (narrower) countertop. Also, we are waiting on the new light fixture to come in so we can replace the old one. The light changes in here are pretty awesome I think.

Installing wood plank walls

We are hiring someone to install the wallpaper, I know it’s not much to do but I just don’t want to do it… so I am hoping he can get to it this week. We are using this FABULOUS Amy Butler print wallpaper. It has just a tiny bit of chartreuse which helps tie in the rug, but it has so much movement in the print I ADORE it! Since we are only wallpapering 26 inches it won’t overpower the room, but it will give help bring some fun into this room for sure!

Amy Butler Wallpaper for laundry room

So that’s all I have so far to share, I hope to have some more progress to share with you soon!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!


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