A Total Closet Makeover!

WHEW! Brie’s closet is done! And I absolutely ADORE it!

If you remember this is what we started with, builder basic closet, original paint from 12 years ago, wire shelving… check out more detailed before information in my post here.

BEFORE closet update

This is the beautiful AFTER! The color is Benjamin Moore Galt Blue #CW-560, it looks very Tiffany blue in most light.

Blue and Coral closet makeover

I’m LOVING the way it is organized with the new closet panels from EasyCloset… and yes the clothes are color coded and sorted by type, it just makes it so much easier to find what you need!

EasyCloset closet system closet update

She still how plenty of space left for more clothes, not necessary now but you never know!

EasyCloset closet system closet update

I spray painted this organizer gold to coordinate with the whole color scheme she has going on.

Wire basket organizor for closet

My favorite part is this area is for her shoes and accessories!

Closet makeover shoe storage jewelry organization

I had this bookcase in storage so I just painted it white and added the grass cloth wallpaper to the back, a pretty easy update! It’s just perfect for her shoes and as you see I can add more shelves when/if she needs more space.

Updated bookcase to use as shoe shelf in closet

The picture rail was also in storage. I color matched the chrysanthemum on the vase to get the perfect coral color, it’s Benjamin Moore Claret Rose # 2008-20. I also added some cup hooks to the bottom to hang her necklaces and bracelets.

Jewelry organization in the closet makeover

I added a picture of “the sisters”, this happens to be one of my favorites! My oldest daughter took them to a photographer and surprised me a couple of years ago with Mother’s Day photos! They were clearly having fun with the photo shoot!

Jewelry organization in the closet makeover

These are yogurt jars that I just washed out and embellished, so easy and perfect for little earrings and rings!

Jewelry organization in the closet makeover

The last thing I did was make this valance for the window. Maybe I should have lined it, but seriously it’s a closet… I think it adds a nice finishing touch!

Window valance coral, blue and gray

I hope you like Brie’s closet makeover! We are finished painting her room but I am desperately trying to find bedding and a new bed for her… it is NOT going well! Anyway hope to share it with you soon! Brie is hanging with my mom until mid-July so I need to finish everything up by then, I’m hoping she LOVES it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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One Room At A Time

Sorry I have been so lax in posting… I won’t list the multitude of excuses I came up with, so I’ll just fill you in on my latest project. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be inside working on something, rather than outside in this 95 degree heat!

So even though I titled this post “One Room At A Time” this is technically not a room, it’s a closet. Now, it’s a good sized walk-in closet, but it is a closet. I happen to be quite a freak about closets. I like my closets VERY organized and I abhor wire shelving… it’s just not my “thing”… I may or may not need help for it Winking smile This closet is Brie’s (she’s 12 going on 16 if you know what I mean), I gave her a few color options to choose from and she chose “Galt Blue”, it’s a Benjamin Moore color from their Williamsburg series, this color is NOT very accurate… it’s a blue green very pretty color.

Galt blue Benjamin Moore

We also decided to buy her new closet organizer from EasyCloset. We had used them in our last home’s pantry and just LOVED them. They are super easy to install (using a cleat),easy to assemble and removing them for painting is a snap. Yes, there are other products out there from the “big box” stores, but you always have to cut something or you have unused space leftover. These are custom made to fit YOUR wall perfectly so no cutting at all. I’m not a spokesperson for this product, but I totally could be I love it so much!

Below is the setup we decided would work best for her, 4 short hanging areas and a medium hanging area for dresses. I decided to separate the short hanging areas for winter / summer, I think that will help her find what she needs to wear easier.

EasyCloset closet layout

Below is her walk-in closet before, it’s 9’4” x 5’6” and gets the morning sun so it is very bright in there. It has plenty of hanging space for her needs, but the shelves on the left are really useless to her… so out they come!

Walk in closet update BEFORE

For those of you who have never removed wire shelving I must warn you, it’s a pain in the butt! First of all the installers ALWAYS anchor the shelves with a BAZILLION wall anchor screws, secondly removing those screws and nails cause HUGE holes in the walls which you will need to fill. I had 60 holes to fill in this room!!!

repairing holes in walls with spackle

I use the spackling that goes on pink, but dries white, it’s just easier for me. My process is fill holes twice, “sand” down with wet sanding sponge, spackle again, sand with 220 sandpaper. I did use my orbital sander with the shop vac hooked up to it because I had so many holes to sand.

repairing holes in walls with spackle

After I sanded I went over the new drywall spots with a quick coat of the paint. I do this because I have found it helps to pre-seal the areas before rolling, otherwise the patched areas suck in more paint than the surrounding areas and I can see the spots…

I decided that the baseboards and ceiling needed a fresh coat of paint as well. This closet had not been touched up in 12 years and it was looking a little dingy.

Everything is now painted and I am expecting delivery of the shelves today!

Galt Blue painted girls walk in closet

I was able to install Brie’s old chandelier in here too! I would have installed it in her room but she loves her ceiling fan, she uses it every night, so this was the next best place for it. Ok, so maybe it’s a little overkill for a closet, but I had it and it was just hanging in storage so why not?

vintage brass chandelier made in Spain

I’m also working on this updating this bookcase to use for a shoe storage. EasyCloset does make shoe shelves, but they are very expensive and this was “free”… plus I like the idea of a pimped out bookshelf/shoe storage better don’t you?

Bookcase for shoe storage

Now I need to start working on emptying out her room and getting it ready for paint while I wait for the shelves to be delivered. I hope to share with you the finished closet Monday. Until then stay cool and enjoy your summer!

Until next time!


Finding Gray & Updating the Family Room

PLEASE tell me I am not alone in this…

Have you ever started a search for the perfect shade of paint and you get SO frustrated you either:

a: Want to cry

b: Cry

c: Chuck the paint out the window

d: All of the above

Well I almost cried, and honestly I felt like chucking the paint too… all because I was attempting to find the perfect shade of gray. It couldn’t be too cool, too light, too blue, too brown or too dark, sounds simple right? Umm… not for me! I had painted the girls rooms Pavillion Gray, a Farrow & Ball color, and knew I loved it so I decided to have the formula remixed here… that should work right? Same formula, same manufacturer, different state is all… well for some bloody reason it didn’t! Thank goodness I had only painted about a third of the wall when I noticed something was not quite right, the color was way too blue. So I waited for it to dry, literally watched it dry, and then I painted a square of the original paint onto the new paint. I was not crazy (although some may disagree), whew what a relief! The new mix was clearly blue gray and not at all what I wanted. I checked the formulas on both cans, they were identical so I called the hardware store to politely ask them if maybe their machine was not calibrated or were they out of a specific color . They informed me that it was not possible, the machine would warn them if there was a problem. So what do I do now? Freakin’ start over is what I did… I looked at this wall for days… (yes I started this process back in October)

finding the perfect gray

I did break down and spend some dough on a few of the Benjamin Moore fan decks so I could see the colors in the light in our room, not the store light, it helps trust me. I ended up choosing a color from the Color Stories series. Now these colors are not for everyone, and I have had a “problem” in the past, you see they tend to morph into different shades throughout the day and while the color might be the perfect shade during the day it may look different at night. However, I chose the color Smoke & Mirrors, painted a large section of a wall and then watched it (not literally this time) for a day to make sure it was for me. Whew… finally a color!

Here’s where it gets dicey again…

I paint one whole wall with the quart I purchased and then I go to guy 2 more gallons. When the guy at the store is adding the colorant I hear him make a strange noise… “Is everything ok” I ask? Well apparently not, some of the colorant is not flowing correctly and my cans do not have the correct ratio in it. I stay calm (which for those of you who know me know that was a feat in itself) and I wait for him to correct the problem. Now of course I’m wondering if the stupid machine was broke yesterday too and the color I like on my wall is not the same shade that is in the new mix. Will I like the new color? Do I have to repaint that whole wall? How far off is it? So I bring the 2 gallons home (pray a little) and mix them together in a 5 gallon bucket, to ensure color consistency, and I start to paint… YAY! a break… all’s good.

This is what we started with… a nice big blank neutral canvas.

family room before

I painted the fireplace wall first, only because I knew what I wanted it to look like, then I started the search for the paint for the rest of the room. We removed the blinds, window toppers and fan, added some fabulous rug tiles from FLOR, curtains, rods and a new fan. Oh yeah, we also had to paint the ceiling in this room too… I don’t know why these people insisted on painting so many ceilings, it’s REALLY starting to piss me off!!

gray family room update

It’s so much fresher and brighter in here now. It’s a very comfortable room with lots of light and great views of the backyard.

gray family room update

I’m not a huge fan of the pillows I have on the sofa, but they’ll do until I can find the right fabric for new ones. I don’t know about you, but I suck at mixing fabrics… I have such a hard time I tend to put it off.

gray family room update

At first my Hubby didn’t like the fact that the TV was on this wall, but I love that we can watch the TV and enjoy the fireplace at the same time! Sometimes you have to pick one or the other to be the focal point of the room, so this layout is a great compromise.

gray family room update

At first I thought it might not be the PERFECT shade of gray, it can pull a tad too purple at nighttime, but I have lived with it a few months and really do love it… enough to also paint the Powder room and the Mudroom the same color.

the perfect kid friendly spot

I had this little area setup for my youngest daughter (who has just turned 12) to sit and eat, she can watch the TV in the mirror if she wants. We don’t allow the kids to eat on the furniture so this iron table from Arhaus has been great as a snack / drawing area. The stool is from World Market and is height adjustable.

using antiques in the family room

I found this cute terrarium at a local antique store (although I’m sure it’s not an antique), but the violet pots I ordered off Esty. They’re handmade in the USA and I LOVE them! The clock I bought from Joss & Main. The console table is an antique store find, I stripped and stained the top to break up the blue a little.

wonderful step library bookshelves   updating a plain vase with jute twine

I adore our ladder / shelving with it’s iron frame and wood shelves, they (I have 2) were a Craig’s List score a few years ago and I have found them very versatile. The vase is a standard vase from Pottery Barn, but I spent a couple of hours wrapping jute twine around it and gluing it on with hot glue… lots of burns on my fingers that day! It helps disguise the outlet and give a little height and texture to the area beside the fireplace.

The difference in the way the room feels to us is HUGE!

Before & After Family Room Update

I hope you enjoy my Family Room tour. I’m happy it is done and we get to enjoy it now!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…


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