Kitchen Island Update Complete!

So I am TOTALLY ridiculous! It’s taken me forever to get this together, not because it took forever to do but because we were working on 4 projects in the kitchen at once and it’s been a little messy for a while. I finally got it all together to share with you, so glad you weren’t holding your breath waiting for it… jesh…

I shared with you a while ago (in this post seen here) my progress on updating the kitchen island (you may want to check it out to see more detailed steps of the process). Again, it wasn’t very difficult, I just had a lot of downtime in between coats of paint waiting for it to dry… I wanted a nice smooth non-distressed finish on this island which is why I chose to use Benjamin Moore Advance paint instead of a clay or clay and chalk based paint. I am super happy with the end result!

To refresh your memory this is what we started with, well sort of, I had already removed some moldings before I remembered to take a photo but you should get the general idea…

kitchen island before update

Here again, missing some pieces but you get the point right?

kitchen island before update

Here is where we are now! Which also includes new pendant lights, sink, faucet, backsplash, under cabinet lighting & wall paint.

Painted kitchen island with added molding

Gray black painted kitchen island with added molding

Gray black painted kitchen island with added molding

We also changed out the electrical outlet from white to black so it would be less of a contrast.

Gray black painted kitchen island with added molding

After painting the cabinets my SAH and I cut thin wood strips to fit inside the boxes. We cut a point at the tip of each one in order to fit into the corners, they are not perfect but I did the best I could…

painted kitchen cabinet closeup

One of the wood strips was cut to fit around the other so that there was no overlap where they meet in the middle. We labeled each one on the back (very important since they were all a little different) and then I spray painted them and the center wood appliques satin black.

I attached the wood strips to the cabinets with Loctite and held them in place with blue tape for 24 hours to ensure that they adhered properly. I then nailed the medallions onto the center of the strips.

embellishing adding moldings to kitchen island cabinets

The picture below the closest representation of the cabinet color. I needed enough light in the kitchen to take the pictures but when I looked at them afterwards the cabinet color looks navy blue in the pictures … it’s not… it’s a super dark gray or soft black.

embellishing adding moldings to kitchen island cabinets

I bought new pulls for the large, heavy center drawers.

painted gray black kitchen island

We used knobs we already had on hand for the other drawers and doors. I seriously have used and removed these knobs from our last two homes I love them so much… and no I didn’t take them after I sold the house, I replaced them before I even listed the house… what kind of person do you think I am? Sarcastic smile

new silver kitchen island knobs

So even though we finished the island I still have to tackle the rest of the cabinets. That project is going on the way back burner, but I think I want to spray the doors so I may need to get it done by the Fall.

I hope you dig my newly updated island as much as I do, because I’m telling you it looks WAY better than it did! I’m working on editing the rest of the kitchen photos to show you more of the projects we completed in there.

HEY! Don’t be a stranger and come back soon! I’d love to hear what you think about the update!


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A New Planter and Trellis to Help with Screening

Hey guys! I hope all of you are doing well and didn’t suffer much damage from the frost that hit us (totally out of the blue) last week! I covered my newly planted Vinca, but they still aren’t looking so good right now. This past weekend, when we had fabulous temperatures in the 80’s, my Super Awesome Hubby and I built a planter box and trellis. We had two main reasons for building this, one being our old pots were crumbling and we needed a trellis for the vines planted in them and 2 to help with screening from our next door neighbors dogs. They have 3 Great Danes and a Blood Hound (who come out through the BIGGEST doggie door I have ever seen) just about every time we come outside… they bark quite a bit and like to stare so a little privacy from them was desired.

(This is just one of the Danes and our Schnoodle giving him the what for… can you see that DROOL?!)


I don’t really have any plans for this build, but I will give you the gist of how we made it, it’s very simple.

First we Super Awesome Hubby built a base out out of pressure treated wood screwing them together with deck screws and bottom support rails. He then built 3 “boxes” and placed them one on top of another (on top of the base) to create the planter sides. We added the upright support pieces, screwing those in place from the inside, these are what held the boxes together.

how to build a planter trellis

We then used a spade drill bit and drilled holes in the trellis support poles, being sure not to drill all of the way through. We attached them to the planter box from the outside. We also added a lip to the top of the box, more of a decorative piece, we attached that with finish nails. If I had to do it again I would choose a larger lip, but I still like it as is.

how to build a planter trellis

We drilled holes in the upright wood pieces for the trellis and slid the metal conduit through the holes and into the end pieces. We attached support braces to the bottom and top back of the trellis, as well as the very top. This keeps everything all snug and the pipe in place. I drilled holes in the back of the upright trellis pieces and used a machine screw to hold the wood in place on the pipes.

privacy screening with a planter trellis

We stained the piece a solid white, applying two coats, we had this stain leftover from our last house so it worked out perfectly! I also added a hook at either end of the trellis to hang our wind chimes and eventually a lantern for nighttime “mood” lighting.

privacy screening with a planter trellis

After moving the planter into place we filled it with plastic bottles and jugs (from the recycling bin) in order to take up room so we didn’t need to use so much potting soil. If I had packing peanuts on hand I would have used those too.

privacy screening with a planter trellis

We replanted the vines and plants from the old planters. As of today 2 out of the 3 Clematis vines are coming back, but we are still waiting to see if the other one and the 3 Chocolate vines will make it, I hope they do! We also have some Creeping Jenny (one of my favorite outdoor plants) and some purple Viola’s. This will all fill out beautifully eventually but it does look a little sparse now.

privacy screening with a planter trellis

You can see how much privacy this trellis will eventually give to the patio once the vines are trained up it.

privacy screening with a planter trellis

We don’t have a large patio here at all, but it is plenty big enough for us and soon it will beautiful vines and flowers too!

privacy screening with a planter trellis

In case you’re curious we spent about $150 to build the planter, which is 1/2 the cost of the planters that we had to replace! I hope you like this little project, I know we love it!

Hope you guys all have a beautiful week!

Thanks for stopping by!


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