Do You Have Decorating or Project ADD?

Do you have decorating or project ADD? You know what I mean right..? It’s when you start one project and then **BOOM** something “needs” to be done somewhere else and you’re like ok lets work on that, meanwhile your first project sits patiently waiting for you to return? I admit it, I have it.. and bad! I’m pretty sure it’s genetic though as I grew up in a house of unfinished projects… so even though weeks ago I started my kitchen island remodel I decided to work on the basement guest bedroom. Why you ask? Good question, thanks so much for asking… well it’s because I found the queen bed frame I had been looking for since we moved here so I was like YAY time to knock this sh*t out!

I knew I wanted a blue/gray color in the room (probably because it was an easy choice, I’m getting color lazy it seems) so I decided to use my mixed up bucket of paint as a base coat / primer for the walls. You see I have a 5 gallon bucket that I have been using to dump leftover paint into. For example I had 2 gallons of paint that was mixed for the Family Room that came out too blue, the rest of the paint in there are samples that I have purchased as testers but never used, below are just 6 of those… I think I had 10 or so in total!

BM sample paint colors

I dumped all of the samples in the bucket, knowing the color would be in the blue/gray range because that has been all I have been testing… no ADD there!

Mixing paints for custom results

Here it is all mixed up (which took FOR-EV-ER), it’s a very pretty color, but I was still just thinking of it as a base color or primer.

Mixing paints for custom results

This is the basement guest bedroom we are working on, and THAT piece of beauty in the center is the queen bed frame we bought off Craig’s List… YUMM!! It is much taller than it appears in the picture, you see we have 10 foot ceilings in the basement!!! Seriously, who has 10 basement ceilings?!

Guest basement bedroom before

The two tables I am using as nightstands were originally different colors, but I painted them both black for this room. Nothing fancy, just some black satin spray paint, I’ll spare you the totally boring details…

Guest basement bedroom before

So I painted the walls one coat of the paint (which I will henceforth call Stella Blue) and I stood back and was like Hmm… I think I like this color. However, feeling like I needed a second opinion I asked my Hubby and his immediate reaction was “Nice, I really like it”! Good enough for me, press on! So we decided to paint the room Stella Blue and work on the rest of the decor from there.

Here it is all ready just for our guests to enjoy!

blue gray guest bedroom

The pendant lights you may have seen in my rewiring light tutorial, if not please check them out they are super cool!

blue gray guest bedroom pendant lighting

The chandelier was an inexpensive buy from Lowe’s, but looks SO much better (and more romantic) than the fan/light combination.

blue gray guest basement bedroom

Right now we have this area setup with a mirror, but eventually there will be a TV here in case our guest want to watch in bed. There is already a TV in the sitting area of the basement they can enjoy for now. Also, I’m using my vintage laundry basket to hold additional blankets and pillows.

blue gray guest basement bedroom

I had extra curtain rod holders left over from other rods, so instead of buying a new rod set I bought a $7 1″ wood rod from Lowe’s. I spray painted it black and added some custom finials I made from vintage glass doorknobs (to see how to make them check out my tutorial here), it’s inexpensive and I love the look! The curtains I made for the Family Room in our last home, but they now work perfectly in here.

custom curtains and curtain rod finials

We also bought this cute vintage wrought iron ottoman and the quilt on the bed from a local antique store Sugar Babe Antiques. The quilt is a new one, but had the most perfect spring colors I had to have it!

vintage wrought iron ottoman as luggage rack

I love the idea of using the ottoman as a place to put your luggage, shoes or maybe to charge your iPad or computer.

vintage wrought iron ottoman as luggage rack

Ok, this is another HUGE score off Craig’s List, please don’t be jealous! I bought a set of 4 of these fabulous vintage (60’s?) Drexel Heritage X base chairs for a can’t beat it price. The wood has a little wax buildup but the leather is in perfect condition. The guy I bought them for said they were his mother’s and she used to have her friends over every week for Bridge and they would sit in these chairs and have a great time… I always love to hear a good back story to pieces I pick up!

vintage Drexel X base leather and maple chairs

I’m keeping them as is, I love them and all I need to do is find the perfect place for the other two chairs!

vintage Drexel X base leather and maple chair

Last, but not least, is the beautiful view our guests will have of the backyard. While the yard has not yet woken up from it’s winter nap it will be pretty once it has. They will also probably get to see the deer family that wanders through our yard in the morning then again at dusk. I’m not their biggest fan because our dogs like to eat the generous amounts of poop they leave behind, but they are very pretty…

blue gray painted basement guest bedroom

I’m so pleased with how the room turned out. It has a very calm & relaxing feel to it that I hope will help our guests will enjoy.

blue gray painted basement guest bedroom

As we had to purchase very little to update this room it was a pretty easy, quick update. We spent about $350, including the bed frame, which I think is great considering we decorated a whole bedroom! Now the room is ready for guests and I can be distracted by concentrate on finishing up that kitchen project! Or maybe I’ll start on the laundry room instead, who knows…

Just keeping it real over at the UYOM house, here’s hoping you finish up your projects too Winking smile

See you soon!


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Rewiring A Light: A Cool Light and a Tutorial

As I am typing up this post it is snowing here in beautiful Louisville, KY… what is going on!!! On with the tutorial though!

OK, so I’m sort of thinking “who am I to give a tutorial on rewiring a light?”. I did just rewire a light so I can share that with you right? You just never know when this information will be handy for you…

First let me start off by saying I have never tried to rewire a light before. Honestly, I have just been a little afraid to try it, thinking I would mess up or get started and not know how to finish, but I took a leap of faith and did it anyway… It was SUPER easy and I will show you how just in case you want to try it yourself one day!

SO I started off with a pair of these AWESOME pendant lights I bought off Etsy over a year ago. I know… I know… I waited a RIDICULOUSLY long time to get to fixing them, but in my partial defense they didn’t have base plates (which cover the bottom wires) so I had to have those made. Pretty cool looking right?

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

First thing I did was take it apart, this picture was for me to remember how to put it back together, a very important step!

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

I taped off the bulb areas so I could spray paint the entire piece. Yes, the original finish is pretty awesome but the new base plates are black and don’t match the original finish.

DIY vintage pendant light painting

I chose to spray them with Rustoleum’s Hammered Antique Pewter, which looks pretty similar to the finish that was already on the lights. It took 2 coats to cover everything well.

DIY vintage pendant light painting

Now onto the electrical part!

After removing the old wire from the stem, which just pulls out after being disconnected from the light wires, I cut off the old ends (they were dirty and I got paint on them too) plus I have plenty of wire let over. I used the cutting area of my wire stripping tool for this.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Then place the wire in the strip area, close the tool and pull, the rubber coating will strip right off leaving the copper wire behind.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

See how nice and clean they look now? So maybe I’m a little OCD about some things and this is not a necessary step, but it made me happy ok…

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

I purchased this swag light kit from Lowes, it is about $12 and has almost everything in it I need, except for wire nuts but I had those already anyway.

Light wiring kit

After putting the light back together I inserted the wire through the opening in the tube at the top. ***NOTE*** Before this point if you are going to use the chain then thread the wire through the chain before inserting the wire into the lamp… if you don’t you (or maybe your Super Awesome Hubby) will have to open the chain links to insert the wire… and he (or you) may or may not be thrilled about doing it Sarcastic smile

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Just keep pushing it through until it comes out of the base then strip the ends of the wire as well.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Now gather all of your black wires and one side of the new wire you just threaded through the lamp.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Twist them all together clockwise in one bunch and attach a wire nut to the bunch screwing the nut clockwise as well. This step makes a connection between all the light wires and the plug wire.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Then repeat the process with the white wires and the other side of the plug wire and you end up with it looking something like this… all nice and tidy!

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

***Test your work by plugging it in before closing it up.***

Here is the cap I had made to hide all of the “guts”.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Now I needed some candle covers. I happen to have some candle material on hand which I cut to size with the SUPER sharp saw seen below. I had to purchase the pipe on line, but you may be able to find it at a local lamp repair store.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

After cutting them to size I lightly sanded the edges with 220 grit paper to remove all of rough plastic.

candle covers

Because I wanted them to look like those SUPER expensive real wax candle covers I used my hot glue gun and made fake candle drips on each of the covers. My daughter Brie (who is 11 going on 16) was like WHAT are you doing? No candles burn like that… maybe she’s right, but I like the way it looks!

Faux wax candle covers DIY

Here is what they looked like after I was done.

Faux wax candle covers DIY

After the glue dried I painted them with a couple of coats of Old White ASCP, I could have used any off white color paint but I happen to have some OW leftover so that’s what I used. Brie says they look a little too “Disney” which I laughed at but I totally get!

Faux wax candle covers DIY

Now that the wiring is done I can hang these beauties! We are in the process of painting and decorating the guest bedroom in the basement and these pendant lights make perfect unique  bedside lighting.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

I hung the lights up by painting and installing wood corbels on the wall, using a cup hook from the corbel to hang the chain from. This solution worked perfectly for us and I just love the final results.

DIY vintage pendant light rewiring

Hopefully the weather next week will be better, hang in there Spring has got to be here soon right?

Thanks so much for stopping by… come again soon!

Until next time…


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Roughed Up Nightstand

I hope you all are enjoying a little taste of Spring! I have some unknown plants starting to breakthrough the mulch and I’m excited to see what they will be..

First let me admit to you that I wasn’t planning on refinishing this, but I couldn’t sell it as is (trust me I tried)… I guess no one but me would be stupid crazy enough to tackle this mess! Let me show you what I mean…

So the piece doesn’t look too bad in this picture right? Nice nightstand, good lines, what’s not to like?



OK, so the top is a little roughed up, why is that so scary? Can you see all of the craters divots?


This is what it looked like under the paint. I used my orbital sander, with 60 grit paper, to remove the super thick paint and this is what it revealed… clearly someone had removed the veneer from the top of this nightstand and really hacked away at it (it was not my Hubby I promise)! The white areas are holes that they filled (and not well) with something…


Seriously! Why would you go through the trouble of filling the holes but not fill the holes all the way?! This is why the top looked so bad! They must have just gotten fed up with it…


I filled all of the gouges with my favorite product for hardcore filling and repairs. It’s a two part product, Minwax High Performance Wood Filler, and let me tell you it is fabulous to work with… it’s a little stinky and you DON”T want to get it on your hands, but with it I can fill deep holes easily and it also helps rebuild missing parts like “magic”!


After I filled the holes I sanded the top down starting with 100 grit and finishing with 150. I only finish to 150 when I am painting a piece, had I been staining this I would have finished with 220 but obviously staining wasn’t an option. I also added this little wood piece to the back where the original piece was missing… nothing fancy but it gets the job done.


I primed the top with a white primer then painted the entire nightstand in Provence Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I also lightly distressed, waxed and buffed the piece. The drawer front was in good enough shape to stain so I stained it dark walnut, waxed it with clear wax and buffed it…

Here it is now in it’s new home!


refinished nightstand

Just look at how nicely the drawer front turned out!

Refinished nightstand in Provence chalk paint

You can’t see any indentions or problems with the top at all…

Refinished nightstand in Provence chalk paint

I’m glad now that no one wanted this because I needed another nightstand for my daughter’s room and this worked out perfectly!

Before and after refinished nighstand

Thanks for stopping by… hope you come back again soon!

Until next time…

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SUPER Easy 10 Minute Chair Update

Hi all! Sorry I have been so quiet but I have a ton of projects (all unfinished) going on and I don’t want to share them with you until they are done… OK so it’s either that or I am feeling lazy and don’t want to clean and take pictures… you decide Open-mouthed smile

So rather than clean the house or write a big post on something I’m working on I decided to start yet ANOTHER project… this one I can finish quickly though so I think it will help me feel like I have accomplished something…

First let me start off by saying that this chair “makeover” really took me less than 10 minutes to finish, which includes me taking the award wining photos seen below (seriously don’t be jealous)!

First I started off with this “blah” vanity chair that the previous owners so graciously left for me. I do use the chair because my vanity is SUPER short even for my 5’5 frame so sitting down to put on makeup is a must. Also, we have updated NOTHING in this bathroom since we moved in so I really wanted to inject a little bit of “me” into the space so I started with this.

DIY recovering a vanity stool

Nothing special and I thought about painting it too, but I’m pretty sure the black will work for me long term, if not it is an easy change to make after the fact so pressing on…

I removed the seat, cut a square of fabric I had on hand 3” wider than the seat and “place tacked” the fabric on. Place taking means that you slightly angle the staple so that it is easily removed once you get to that space. It is very important to place tack in order to ensure your fabric is placed properly.

DIY recovering a vanity chair

I am still using my AWESOME electric stapler by Maestri, it cost me about $130 but was well worth it and so much easier than lugging out a air compressor for such a small job.

I stapled around the edges pulling the fabric taught (NOT TIGHT) working my way from one staple to the next, removing the place staples as I got to them. If you do it this way you should have no to very little wrinkles along the outer edge of your seat.

DIY recovering a vanity chair

Once done it looks like this.

DIY recovering a vanity chair

I then trimmed the excess fabric close to the staples.

DIY recovering a vanity chair

I realigned the chair back on the seat cushion and reattached it with the original screws. Most seats will be attached in a very similar way so it makes reupholstering the cushions very easy.

DIY recovering a vanity chair

Here it is all finished up, like 8 minutes later!

DIY recovering a vanity chair

Seriously so easy I’m a little irritated I waited so long to do this!

DIY recovering a vanity chair

DIY recovering a vanity chair

I hope this inspires you to try a little upholstery too! These types of chairs are so simple to do, but I will say it helps to have the right stapler. I have had MANY non electric staplers over the years and I cannot say enough about the ease of using this one. If you are going to do a large project or if you may do many projects over the course of a year I would recommend buying the best stapler you can afford, it will make all the difference in the world I promise!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend, we can see Spring coming and I cannot wait to get outside and do some gardening!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!


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