More Mirror Framing

This mirror framing project is part of the girl’s bathroom remodel that we just finished. The addition of the frames to the mirrors was not only super easy but it made a big difference in the look of the room. It’s kind of hard to see just how big this mirror is but let me tell you it’s H-U-G-E! it’s 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall, it goes all of the way from the top of the vanity to the ceiling. The light fixture is mounted through the mirror in case you are wondering…

bathroom before picture

For some reason all of the mirrors in the house are like this…

I’ve just never seen so many big mirrors… seriously check this out, the master bath mirrors!

bathroom before picture

The two mirrors you see straight on are all “my” side of the bathroom, the reflection you see on the right is my hubby’s “side”… his mirror is 6 feet wide by 5 feet tall!! I think mirrors must have been super cheap when they built this house!

So back to the girl’s mirrors…

I really do like the size of the mirrors in their space, but they were just so boring, so we decided to add a little trim to help jazz them up a little. First we cut regular primed wood molding (at a 45 degree angle) to fit.. Then I spray painted the backs of the frames black. Why black you ask? Well, the last time I framed a mirror I painted the backs white because I was painting the fronts of the frames white. However these frames will be painted a color so painting the back of the frame black makes it look like a shadow and will allow me to change the frame color in the future.

We installed the frames two different ways…

The first one we installed without painting the front of the frame first, it was purchased primed.

Installing a frame around a bathroom mirror

The second one we decided to paint the frame before installing it.

Installing a frame around a bathroom mirror

We used clear Loctite caulk to adhere the frames to the mirror. I applied the caulk near the outer edges so you don’t see caulk reflected in the mirror. We pressed the frame in place and held it in place with painters tape for about 24 hours… these frames aren’t going to be removed easily! I caulked the corners of the frames the next day and then painted the frames where necessary.

I preferred the installation of the already painted frame, I didn’t have to cut in around it and didn’t make a mess on the mirror, this is the way to go in my opinion.

We also changed out the ugly glass light shades to these very pretty glass shades I bought at Lowes.

Portfolio 4-3/4-in Frosted White Vanity Light Glass

They look like milk glass and have a pretty, classic shape. Changing the shades made a huge difference in the way the light fixture now looks.


Installing a frame around a bathroom mirror

Installing a frame around a bathroom mirror

Much better right? The framing project was super easy, totally a DIY job! If you have something to cut the trim with you can do it!

Hope you like this project, it was by far the easiest thing I have done to beautify the house so far!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

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Installing Wood Planks on the Bathroom Walls

YAY!!! We are finished with the installation of wood planks on the bathroom walls! We started it just before Christmas and I am so happy it is finally done! Check out the first part of this post HERE for more detailed instructions on HOW we did it, but for now just enjoy the After photos!

Here is the BEFORE of one of the vanity areas

before vanity bathroom area

The tub & toilet area… and yes I know it’s a lot of doors! I wish they had used some pocket doors in this space…

before tub & toilet bathroom area

The other vanity area… see the brass knobs & hinges on all of the doors too? Those I replaced a couple of months ago.

before vanity bathroom area

Here is the AFTER of Brie’s (the youngest) vanity. Her bedroom will be painted blue so the blue around her frame will coordinate with that when it gets painted… sometime next century maybe Winking smile

The mirror frame is painted Anderson Blue and is a Benjamin Moore color, I will write a how to post on the mirror framing next.

planked bathroom walls and mirror framed

Other than replacing all of the brass doorknobs and vanity light shades, I reused all of the existing fixtures. I’ll replace the vanity knobs after I paint it… maybe…

planked bathroom walls and mirror framed

This is a close up of the detail on the wall planks. It starts with horizontal pine planks, then a small chair rail, then vertical tongue and groove bead board, then crown molding… so worth it I think! The paint color is Sherwin Williams Velvet White, it is the same color used on all of the trim throughout the house.

vertical and horizontal wood planks installed on bathroom walls

This is Sierra’s side, the purple is “Elderberry Wine” by Benjamin Moore and is the same color as an accent wall in her bedroom (I will share that makeover with you soon).

New framed mirror and painted and planked bathroom walls

We also changed out the globes on the light fixture in this room as well.

New framed mirror and painted and planked bathroom walls

This is the tub & toilet area of the bathroom. The shower curtain I sewed for them a few years ago and since the colors still work it’s staying, plus I really love it.

Custom shower curtain in tub area

I also replaced the original “boob” light for this more traditional looking light, it’s very big and I almost didn’t have enough clearance for the door to close… I completely adore it! I found it on line at Lamps Plus if you’re interested.

Schoolhouse light in bathroom tub shower area

I also reinstalled their “spa” basket and added a framed print that we had in storage. I also reused the toilet paper holder we already had instead of reinstalling the roll holder on the wall. The girls prefer the stand holder because it holds extra rolls and is easy to change the rolls… I’m all about making it easier for them whenever I can!

wood planked bathroom walls

The soaps are lavender and make the bathroom smell wonderful!

wire basket for bath and spa items in bathroom

I think the Before and After shot really shows the HUGE improvement!

Before and after girls bathroom update with planked walls

I hope you enjoyed this “little” bathroom makeover. While the installation part of the planks and trim were by no means hard, the amount of caulking, hole filling and painting was pretty time consuming. I think I’m going to take a little painting break!

I love the results of the bathroom makeover and I hope to never have to paint this area again!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…

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The Powder Room is Finished

Even though I say it’s finished, I’m still thinking about my stenciling and maybe putting up some crown molding… so lets just called it finished for now ok?

This is what we started with…


Pretty boring right? Everything was your basic builders grade and not really something I was digging.

So I started with painting the room, I had a good amount of leftover paint from the Family room so I used it in here as well. The color is Smoke & Mirrors, it’s part of the Color Stories series by Benjamin Moore, it changes color significantly based on the light. The color is basically a gray but can shift for a brown gray to a purple gray, kind of cool right?

Gray painted powder room with stenciled walls

I stenciled one of the walls (still deciding if I like the one wall stenciled or not) with “Forest Floor Damask” by Royal Design Studios. I love the stencil, it’s the focal wall I’m still deciding on…

Royal Design Studios Forest Floor Damask stencil

I painted the vanity with “Smoke Signal” by American Paint Company, it’s a clay and chalk based paint. I just cleaned the vanity with Formula 409, then painted it with 2 coats of the paint… super easy… no priming necessary!

Gray painted vanity using American Paints

After it dried I distressed and sealed the vanity with wax. I also filled in one of the holes on the doors and installed new glass knobs instead of pulls.

Gray painted vanity using American Paints

My SAH replaced the sink, faucet and top with a beautiful marble, pump style faucet and Kohler under mount sink. I replaced the light fixture and mirror, you know the “easy” things to replace…

Gray & white marble vanity top

I’m the caulker around here so I caulked all of the seams on the marble and touched up the paint around the backsplashes. I LOVE everything about this new vanity & sink! We chose to install a smaller sink than what was there previously so there was more marble visible… who needs a big sink in the powder room anyway?

Gray & white marble vanity top with pump style faucet

I’m enjoying the change and pretty happy to have checked this project off of the list!

Before and After gray powder room update

I am still working on the girls bathrooms and will be able to show you those updates soon!

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!

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Installing Wood Planking in the Bathroom

My Super Awesome Hubby (SAH) and I had a little “fun” over the holidays… well to tell the truth it was not fun, but I’m smitten with the (almost) final results so I guess it was all worth it! I’m dividing the post into two parts because I’m not quite done yet…

Our youngest and oldest daughter share a Jack and Jill bathroom (see red outlined area on the plans below) which means they each have their own vanity space but they share a tub and toilet area which is connected. This setup works exceptionally well for children with similar habits, as in messy kids with messy kids, clean kids with clean kids… these are the 2 clean ones… well mostly clean anyway Winking smile

jack and jill bathroom plans

The bathroom was wallpapered, the paper wasn’t bad just not for us, so it had to go!

outdated bathroom makeover

So Sierra (our eldest) and I took it down (hey she volunteered I promise)!!  It came down SUPER fast, in full sheets, with minimal effort… how lucky can you get right?

wallpaper removal

I had originally planned on just painting the walls but then I remembered this bathroom (check it out on my Pinterest page) I fell in love with the design and I wanted to replicate it in my own home…

So here we go!

First we bought about 12 packages of these EverTrue V Groove pine wood planks & 4 packages of EverTrue Wainscot from Lowes. We also picked up some crown molding & small chair rail piece to finish off the look. In case you are interested we spent roughly $450 for everything this project.

Hubby cut the boards to size and I installed them one by one leveling each board or every other board depending on how accurate or lazy I was feeling at the time, but mostly it was every board.

leveling tongue and grove boards

I would not have even attempted to do this project if we didn’t have a nail gun! I attached each board to the wall with a dab of Power Grab and a couple of nails. I had marked the stud locations using a stud finder and a level… these boards are NOT coming off of these walls!

nailing tongue and grove boards

After installing all of the horizontal planks I then installed the vertical tongue and groove boards. I placed the nails in such a way that the crown molding and chair rail would cover them so I didn’t need to fill those holes… a small time saver!

installing wood planks on walls

I was filling holes and caulking while Hubby was measuring and cutting… the process worked out very well for us and went pretty fast in the vanity areas.

installing wood planks on walls

Because the boards are so thin we were able to slip them behind the toilet without having to remove it… SCORE!! By the way I filled all of the holes with vinyl wall spackle, it sands smooth, leave no identifiable hole, dried super fast and was very easy to work with. I think I got a little nail happy on these boards… yikes!

installing wood planks on walls

We used the jigsaw to make cuts around light switches and other obstructions and here we cutout for the showerhead and then glued the piece back in… worked like a charm!

Also you can see here that I filled all of the grooves (shower area only) with caulk, a preventative measure in case moisture gets up there, I don’t want it to get behind the boards and cause problems.

installing wood planks on walls

Now you should see a clearer picture of where this is all going! We installed crown (no instructions because we are SOOO not qualified to give them, this was a bear) and the small chair rail. I caulked where the crown met the ceiling and where the chair rail met the horizontal boards, but not where they met the bead board… I don’t like the way that caulk fills the grooves on the bead board. The corners, interior and exterior, get caulked as well… I was caulking for a LONG time!

installing wood planks on walls

So we are well past the halfway point but not yet finished…

I almost forgot… we have framed the mirrors and changed out the globes as well.

installing wood planks on walls

The going is a little slower than anticipated due to some carpal tunnel problems with my right hand / wrist and I am clearly unable to paint very well with my left which seems ridiculous but true!

I’m hoping to wrap up the wall painting this weekend. If you are interested I would say this project is a solid 2 out of 5 on the skill level, the most difficult cuts being the miter ones, but it is rather time consuming so keep that in mind!

I’d love to hear what you think of the space so far… I love reading your comments!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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Progress but no completion

Happy new year everyone!!! Did you miss me?? OK… so it TOTALLY may look like I am being slack because I’m not posting anything, but I promise I am working on the house… I’m just not finishing anything!!!

However I will share with you some of my work in progress and maybe some super good excuses as to why they are not complete!

First off we have completed painting the walls and ceiling in the dining room…

Navy blue dining room

I have no rug and no art work for the long wall pictured… I have ideas and I am looking but I haven’t found what I want yet so this one may be a while before it’s done. However having said that I am SUPER happy with the navy blue walls in here, they really are gorgeous!

The Family Room is mostly done, I just have to do something to one of the pieces in here to mark it off the list…

Grey family room

The powder room… well that would have been done, my mom brought the sink and marble countertop to me from Richmond, but they sent the wrong size sink… ARGH… of course my SAH had already removed the old sink before we realized this…

Grey powder room

So… we are washing our hands in the kitchen until the sink gets here… hopefully soon.

I’m also contemplating this wall in the powder room… I love it, but I can’t decide whether to stencil the whole room or leave just this one wall… I feel like it might look like I was being lazy, but this seriously took me a long time and was quite a pain. What do you think?

woodland stencil on powder room wall

Also over winter break we started another project (which was TOTALLY not planned) but I am more than thrilled with the results so far. We removed all of the wallpaper in the girls Jack & Jill bathroom and started installing wood paneling and custom mirror frames.

I have finished one coat of paint on both vanity areas, but the bath area looks like this…

wood paneling in bathroom

and this…

installing wood paneling in bathroom

Brie says it looks like a sauna, which it does, but it won’t when it’s compete… I cannot wait to show you the finial results!!!

The plan is to finish the paneling this weekend and I hope to finish painting as well. I have a lot of sanding and caulking to do first… not to mention I am planning on painting the vanities too, maybe that will be phase 2…

I am hoping to share some finished areas soon, maybe we’ll get lucky and our sink will come in this weekend!

Hope you all had a great new year and as always thanks for stopping by!

Until next time!

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