Finding just the right rug

I don’t know about you, but I have a heck of a time finding just the right rug. Don’t get me wrong, if money was no issue I might be able to find one pretty quickly, but finding the right pattern, color, size at the right price is exhausting and most of the time frustrating for me! I have had a rug custom made in the past, not only was it expensive but when we moved we couldn’t use it in the new house, very frustrating so I’m not going down that road this time.  So here I am again in a new house, with hardwood floors, and I am in need of a rug (or 6). Our Family Room is 15×24 and temporarily we were using a rug we bought from Pottery Barn 5 years ago, while this rug is soft underfoot it is VERY scratchy to my daughter who lays on the floor a lot. Also it SHEDS… not just normal shedding, oh no… this thing sheds small rabbits!!! You would think after 5 years of vacuuming this thing would be done shedding, but no it’s not! It’s so bad I have to vacuum at least twice a week or else it looks like I haven’t vacuumed in months! Why am I telling you all of this you may ask? Because I want to warn you that’s why… unless you want to vacuum EVERY.SINGLE.DAY then I would suggest you don’t walk, but run away from this rug… the “Chunky Wool and Natural Jute” rug or as I like to call it…



So now what do I do for a rug?

I have a long narrow room (odd size and large)…

I don’t have an unlimited budget…

I’m clearly picky…

After much some thought I looked into FLOR carpet tiles for my solution and oh what a perfect solution it is!

You can pretty much design your own rug pattern and size… check!

It’s pet and child friendly… check!

It’s easy to take care of… check!

It’s dust bunny free… check and CHECK!

It’s very affordable… check!

I ordered a few samples and as a family we chose this for the Family Room:

FLOR Sweater Weather – “Chalk”

FLOR Tiles for family room

It’s a soft grey color and while it is not “plush” it is very soft underfoot and kid approved! I purchased 70 tiles and it was easy (if not a little tough on the back) to put down. I spent $1,106 on this rug PLUS a nice runner for the mudroom. I think that’s awesome considering how much space I needed to cover!

FLOR Tiles for family room

Umm… I don’t know if you are like me and your dogs follow you EVERYWHERE?! It’s their part time job, their full time job is stalking squirrel and deer through our windows. Since their all time favorite thing to do is follow me from room to room, you get to enjoy them today too!

Here is Chewy, he is a Schnoodle and yes he is in dire need of a haircut and a bath! But while you are enjoying his furriness checkout the rug pattern… we lined up the tiles one way all around the border of the rug then turned them to the side on the inside of the rug…

Schnoodle on FLOR carpet squares

Here is handsome… our blue Weimaraner Oscar, who even though wouldn’t move so I could get a good shot, couldn’t be bothered to look at me… he’s so weird!

Blue Weimaraner

Chalk FLOR carpet squares

I have a paint sample for the walls all picked out, Ben Moore Coventry Gray, and I am hoping it will be the one because I REALLY want to get started painting these walls and ceiling!

Oh, I almost forgot, here is the mudroom rug… this one is called Reoriented (in Teal) it is so cool!

Mudroom with FLOR carpet squares

This rug is not as soft underfoot, but it’s perfect for the mudroom.

If you haven’t heard of, or thought about, using FLOR tiles in your home you may want to consider them… they just might work for your needs too!

So what do you think? Will you consider this a solution for any areas in your home?

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Updating The Fireplace Focal Wall

Hi all! I know it’s been a while, but I’m SLOWLY coming back to to life and getting in the groove of posting again! I wanted to share with you our Family Room fireplace wall, which is my first real project in our new home. I’m feeling like I’m in a little bit of a design slump and I have had a hard time deciding where to start (really there are so many things to do). This is my first big out of town move and it has been hard missing my friends and family… But I’m trying to pull myself up and I am starting with a very small space in our family room, the fireplace wall. It is the only space I had ANY idea of what I want to do so I started to tackle it, hoping it would help me get motivated with the rest of the room…

The room itself is pretty long (15Wx24L) with the obvious focal point being the fireplace and TV area.

before Family room

While I love the traditional molding and the brick work on the fireplace, the brass has got to go!

Fireplace before

I painted the wall Raccoon Fur (Benjamin Moore, Matte finish), it is a very dark gray / light black color. I have used the color before in a half bath so I knew I would love it. I taped off the edges/corners with Frog tape and then applied 2 coats of paint, a quick and easy change.

Fireplace with Raccoon Fur painted wall

To paint the brass I first taped off and draped plastic over the glass.

Painting brass fireplace insert

I then spray painted the brass areas with Rustoleum’s High Heat spray paint, applying 3 light coats. After each coat I opened the windows and turned on the fan as this spray was rather smelly, but it did a fabulous job coating the brass. Seriously, if you can tape and spray you can get this done in 10 minutes easy…

Doesn’t that look so much better already?

Painted fireplace insert with high heat paint

After that I did get a little “stuck”… I was thinking about applying a mortar wash to the brick, then maybe just white washing it, but I finally decided that I wanted to have a more clean classic look to it so I decided to just paint it the same white as the mantle. What I thought would be a quick paint job was not, you see I had forgotten how much of a pain it is to paint brick… lots of little nooks and crannies… I could have painted the whole room in the same amount of time it took me to paint the brick! By the way I did tape off the fireplace surround and cover it to protect it from paint splatter… believe me this is a must no matter how neat of a painter you may be. When it was all done though I really loved the clean look of the white brick and mantle.

Painted fireplace brick

As I was thinking about how I wanted to decorate the mantle I decided I would like some sort of horse art, as a nod to my new home here in beautiful Louisville, KY. I started my search on Etsy and soon found this FABULOUS horse photo by Julie Refer

Horse Photography Black and White  Equestrian Fine Art

It was perfect! I contacted her and asked her mount it on a large canvas for me and now it is a beautiful part of our fireplace wall. (Please ignore the random paint samples on the wall to the right, I still have to decide on the wall color…)

Updated firplace wall in family room, horse art, painted brick

Clearly I’m also decorating for Halloween…

Updated firplace wall in family room, horse art, painted brick

A touch of silver against the dark gray backdrop really pops!

Using silver against gray painted fireplace

At the last minute I decided I want to “frame” this photo out, but not in the traditional sense… I have a wonderful stockpile of vintage gold leaf plaster frames and luckily I had one just the right size. I have absolutely no problems with the fact that the frame is “damaged” and I like the fact that I can combine old and the new…

Using vintage gold leaf frame

So as you read above I am still working on narrowing down my paint color for the rest of the room, but first I have to paint the ceiling. It’s currently painted gold and it is making my color choices look really weird. Hopefully I can wrap this project up in a couple of weeks and share the finished room with you!

As always thanks for stopping by and I hope you are enjoying some nice Fall weather!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this makeover so if you’d like please leave me a comment below! Smile

Until next time…

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