Moving To Louisville KY Part 1

Well HELLO!!! Did you miss me at ALL? Well I’ve missed hearing from you guys that’s for sure! As you may (or may not) know that our family is in the process of moving to Louisville, KY. Now I say process because my husband has been here a month, but our youngest daughter and I have only been here about 2 weeks, but we still have no furniture. We closed on our KY house last Friday and have decided to “camp out” in it until our furniture arrives. While this may not seem appealing to some of you, it is far better than being in a cramped not-so-private hotel suite. We bought a couple of air mattresses, sheets, and essentials to get us through until we can get our stuff from the Richmond house, which will be the week after labor day, but not soon enough!

This is real life people… this is our LOVELY air mattress setup in our bedroom…


but don’t feel too sorry for me because we just got our new Sleep Number bed delivered today! While it is still on the floor at least it is far more comfortable than our other mattress or our lovely air bed… even though I’m essentially trading one air mattress for another I can guarantee the Sleep Number mattress will surpass the other mattresses in every way!

On a totally different note I’d like to share the lovely view of our backyard from the deck this morning.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture though, what appears to be grass is really a weed grass mixture. The sprinkler system for this house had been broken for some time it seems… it had to be repaired so I could water everything, the ground and borders were very dry and everything had the general look of a yard that hadn’t been loved in a while.

Like this lovely “natural” patch, great trees in this area, the weeds are taller than me though!


Another area in the back with 5 ft. plus tall weeds. I’m going to have a landscape company cut all of this stuff down this fall… I would just be too much for me, both of these overgrown areas are about the size of a community swimming pool!


However, since I can’t do much in the house (no tools) I have been pulling and spraying weeds in the borders around the house every morning. Apparently I was going to town on some Poison Oak vines and didn’t know it until the super nice irrigation guy pointed it out to me… nice right?! It is ALL over the place… I’m utilizing some Roundup Poison Ivy killer for the rest of the stuff!

I know… I know… “leaves of 3 let it be” right?

Well I’m heading back home next week to pack and move while my Mom stays in KY and takes care of Brie, her school started last week! I’m NOT looking forward to packing, but it sure would be nice to have some real furniture in the new house.

I also have a list of things to do in the new house a MILE long and I’m a little overwhelmed about that, but I’m trying to remember my own advice and just take one room at a time… the problem is where to start?!

Hope you guys stay tuned for more posts… I’ll probably be all over the place with projects but it’ll be an adventure!

Until next time…

– Susan

A Beautiful Dresser in Coco and Old White

I hope you all are enjoying your last month of Summer! This happens to be my birthday month, unfortunently we will be packing and moving during that week… but it’s ok as I will be sure to take a dinner break on the 27th to celebrate! Currently I am busy taking the last items off of the walls, patching and painting… and thinking ‘why in the heck did I put so much stuff up’… I think this is going to take forever! I’m also still finishing up the few last projects, but this one is my last custom client piece, hope you enjoy it!

I have had this dresser in my garage waiting patiently to be refinished since February of 2012! I have a really good excuse for that though I promise! You see there was a lot of missing molding on this dresser and I wanted to fix it by replicating the existing pieces using plaster and a making a custom mold (which I have never done before) I tried it, it didn’t work for me… I’m not sure if it was because the pieces were so thin but the plaster pieces kept breaking so I had to move onto option 2… remove what I had to, keep what I could, replace some with new pieces…

Here is the dresser, all of those arrows are pointing to places where the original molding was missing, one is because it was also missing a knob. Those white spots on the top back are from the mirror which was no longer with the piece when I bought it… so sad!

French dresser unfinished

I nailed the drawer bottoms back into place and filled the top holes with Minwax High Performance Wood Filler. I did sand the entire top down as it had some pretty good scratches and then restained it so that when I distressed the top it wouldn’t look different then the base.

This is the beautiful After, it waited a long time to be fixed up, but I think it was worth the wait!


French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

The colors are Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Coco and Old White, a very pretty combination! You can see where I added new trim on the two bottom drawers and removed some of the trim from the top drawers. I also “cheated” a little by copying one of the knobs in Photoshop and adding it to the drawer to make it look like I had all four knobs, sneaky right? My client purchased some very pretty glass knobs from Hobby Lobby to replace these, but I didn’t have them when I needed to take the photos.

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

I painted 2 coats of Coco on the drawers then I painted the trim white. I distressed the paint with 220 grit sandpaper, using both an orbital sander and hand sanding on the more intricate areas. I then applied a top coat of Annie Sloan clear wax, buffed it with 0000 steel wool and polished it with a soft cloth until it shined!

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

Even though there is less detail I’m still very pleased with what detail I was able to save. Adding the molding was easy, just cut the pieces on a 45, apply with Loctite and add a few tiny nails to hold it all in place.

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

I cleaned the knobs with a soak of Ammonia and a little water, letting the knobs soak overnight. Aren’t these just gorgeous!

French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

A final look at the before and after

Before and After French chest painted Old White and CoCo ASCP

I hope my client loves this chest and the bed frame… as I enjoyed working with her and providing her with custom, one of a kind pieces to grace her home, thanks Tina!

Until next time…

Thanks for stopping by!

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A Beautiful Update Full Size Bed Frame

I am working two pieces for a client of mine who has already bought several pieces, these will be the last custom pieces I finish before the move. I told her I couldn’t guarantee getting these done (with us moving and everything) but I have been able to work on them a little here and there so I was able to complete them!

This is a very nice sold wood full sized bed with wooden rails. It was in good shape with only a few minor repairs, but it certainly needed a facelift!



My client shows the colors (which make it super easy for me), she chose Annie Sloan’s Old White and Coco, a very pretty combination.


coco and old white painted bed

After cleaning the frame with Formula 409 I painted two coats of Old White then two coats of the Coco.

coco and old white painted bed

I distressed it slightly using 220 grit paper. I used an orbital sander, on low rotation, for the large areas and hand sanded the smaller areas.

coco and old white painted bed

After distressing I applied a coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax with a cloth, rubbing it in good, then I let it sit overnight. The next day I buffed the bed with 0000 steel wool and then polished it with a soft cloth.

coco and old white painted bed

My client is going to use this in her guest bedroom and I think the color scheme is a lovely neutral which will coordinate with just about anything.

before and after coco and old white painted vintage bed

I’m also painting a chest of drawers for her to go in the same room. It’s super gorgeous and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Hope you like it and as always thanks for stopping by!

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A Little Bit About Finishing Dresser Tops

I had a conversation yesterday with Deb over at Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie about removing laminate from the top of those French dressers from the 60’s-90’s… you know the white slick looking topped ones… well she just painted this gorgeous dresser, top and all, I think it’s lovely the way she painted it, but I also knew that she had the option of staining the top if she had wanted to. I thought I’d share with you a few experiences I’ve had so a little information is coming your way!

The pieces pictured below I wanted to share with you so you could see how I removed the white slick laminate looking top and what I discovered underneath! You see I don’t really think it’s laminate at all, I think it is a type of “paint” or surface that is a specialty coat of some sort, but not laminate, I could TOTALLY be wrong here but you be the judge based on the evidence below… I have 3 examples of mine to share with you…

Here is your typical dresser from the early 80’s. It’s hard to tell in the sunlight but this was most certainly that slick looking white surface.

before french dresser

I sanded it down starting with 100 grit paper, then 150 ultimately finishing with 220. Using my orbital sander I didn’t have to worry about going with the grain of the wood… it just sanded down like any other painted surface and I was left with the top below… amazing right?

refinished striped french dresser top

This is what it looked like after some dark walnut stain and a coat of wax!

refinished striped french dresser top

This is the matching nightstand to the dresser above, same top, same process…


BOOM!! pretty solid wood underneath that gross surface.

refinished striped french nightstand top

All pretty now with a dark walnut stain and a coat of wax.

refinished striped french nightstand top

This one someone had painted the entire piece, but the white slick surface was just underneath this lovely yellow paint. I used the same process as before…

UF French Desk

GORGEOUS solid wood top, stained dark walnut and waxed! I kept this chest because I loved it so much I couldn’t let it go!

refinished striped french dresser top

So next time you walk by one of “those” pieces think about trying to sand down the surface to reveal the beauty beneath! I’m no expert and I’m certainly not saying every piece will turn out like the ones above, but it can’t hurt to try right? That is what I did and I loved the results!

Good luck and go sand something!

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