I have some great news to share with you, we now have a contract on our home! While this is exciting news, it’s also bittersweet… plus I have a TON to do to get ready to move, and our youngest starts her new school on August 14th! We don’t ever start school around here until after Labor Day so we have some hustling to do to get her enrolled and ready! And believe it or not I am still finishing up two custom pieces that I will be sharing with you soon, but I wanted to share this post with you while the kitchen was clean… 🙂

I finished painting our kitchen cabinets almost four years ago (before blogging) but I DID take before photos! I know there are a lot of “How To” cabinet painting posts out there but I wanted to share the products that I used on my cabinets… I think the fact that they have held up so well after 4 years of abuse really says a lot about the products!


Pretty standard, brand new, mid grade cabinets that we chose knowing we were going to paint them!

Before Kitchen Cabinet Painting

By the time I took these photos I had already replaced all of the knobs on the cabinets with new ones.

Before Kitchen Cabinet PaintingI also had already painted the island, I seriously did this before we even moved in (I know my neighbors thought I was crazy) but my older girls helped me out with this so it didn’t take too long. Needless to say the island cabinets were the same color as the rest of the kitchen.

Here are the current after pictures!

We removed a can light over the island and sink in order to install the chandelier and the pendant.


We installed the travertine backsplash, removed the grills from the cabinet over the stove and added a glass shelf… all of my decorative stuff for the kitchen is packed away so this space looks a little bare now, sorry!


We replaced all of the hardware, I had to fill and redrill holes for the drawer pulls as the original knobs were single hole… We also replaced all of the electrical outlets and faceplates with black ones to help minimize their appearance on the travertine.


Replaced the wire shelving in the pantry and the pantry door.


I added molding to all of the doors and drawers in the center island. I was planning on doing the same to the rest of the cabinets but it took forever and I really was just not motivated enough… It was easy to do, just cut the wood and adhere with Loctite. Also, I let them sit for 24 hours with weights on them before I painted… it’s just tedious.


We also added a new baseboard around the bottom of the island. The original one only went along the fronts of the cabinets and didn’t wrap all of the way around… it just looked unfinished and strange.


The kitchen is a little depersonalized now due to the fact that the house is on the market, but I do love it! I forgot that we had opted for the taller cabinets when we built this house and I just noticed that the new house has the shorter ones… I may have to add some decorative cabinets to the tops of the new house cabinets!


I’m pretty sure more cabinet painting is in my near future as this is my “new” kitchen (and the house inspector). I think I will start with the island first… it looks a little more BLAH for some reason. Also installing a backsplash has to be on the list too…

I will be using the same paint products I used before because it just held up so well! I did a tiny bit of touch up on the cabinet that has the trash can in it, but other than that I just wiped them down with water and a sponge and they still look great!

So if you’re interested in tackling painting kitchen cabinets below is a list of the products I used… good luck and have fun!

Products I used:

  • Cabinet Coat paint, which is AWESOME, but can only be tinted in light colors. I bought mine at my Benjamin Moore store but I think I saw it at one of the big box stores recently.. The color I tinted it is the Benjamin Moore Navajo #947. I didn’t prime the cabinets but I did wipe them down with TSP first. I painted the cabinets with a foam roller & foam brush, it took 3 coats but each coat dries very fast.
  • The glaze on the cabinets is Benjamin Moore Kona #AF-165 mixed with a glaze medium 2:1 ratio, I already had this paint on hand as it is the color of my dining room. I just painted the glaze on and wiped it off leaving some in the crevices.
  • The chandelier is from Ballard Designs, I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint “Provence” and glazed it with Martha Stewart Glaze “Metallic Coffee”. SAH hung it where there was an existing can light.
  • We installed the tile backsplash ourselves one Labor Day weekend (fun times I tell you!)… It is black travertine “Noir” honed and had a wonderful smooth feel to it. We installed it at an angle which increased the installation time, but I prefer the look.
  • The accent piece in the travertine is Sandlewood “Corinth” honed, which I got for FREE! This tile comes in sheets and a lot of pieces in the sheets were broken so the manager just gave them to me… it NEVER hurts to ask someone for a price break but it is always unexpected when they give you something for free… YAY!
  • The backsplash behind the stove is Jinsan Bone “Noir Niles” and comes in 12×12 sheets. This stuff was super easy to install.
  • The granite we chose when we built the house is Juparana Persa and I love it! It is very difficult to see crumbs or a mess on it… fabulous for us and our little Schnoodle just loves to follow behind me when I’m wiping it down in hopes of getting a crumb or two!
  • The black center island is painted with Valspar Black satin, distressed, waxed and buffed. I didn’t prime this either, just wiped it down with TSP before painting. I applied 2 coats with a foam roller and foam brush.
  • All of my knobs are from My Knobs.com, I have 5 different knobs/pulls in the kitchen. The wall upper cabinets, lower cabinets & drawers are all in brushed nickel. The island drawers & doors have their own set in black iron… trust me, it works!
  • The pantry was originally that laminated wire stuff.. which I cannot stand using.. so we designed and ordered a new system from Easy Closets. I can spend HOURS on this website designing layouts for my closets… I have a sickness and I’m not too proud to admit it… I have a THING for a well organized closet! We bought the door from Lowes recently and it is actually pretty reasonably priced. I wish I had painted something cool inside of the pantry before we installed the shelves, but I just never got around to it…
  • So that’s it! I’m glad I got to show you this Before and After of my kitchen before we sold the house!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if there is a cabinet paint that you would recommend!

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I hope you all had some enjoyable weather last week! We had some great 80’s temperatures with very low humidity, it was perfect weather! I started working on this buffet when my hubby left for Kentucky, it hadn’t sold unfinished so I thought I would pretty it up for someone to love. On a more personal note today is the first day of my husband’s new job! I’m very excited for him and I just know he will be so much happier with his new company… but I do miss him terribly and hope our house sells soon so I can join him in KY!

So for me it’s back to work for a while… when I bought this at auction I think they called it a buffet / sideboard, but it’s way too short for that… it is maple and very well built, I think it would make a great TV or game cabinet.


It had this metal edging that was missing on both sides and part of the top, a remnant from think…

The top itself was in pretty rough shape too…

I removed the remaining piece of metal trim and replaced it with a piece of wood molding. The wood molding was wider than the space I had to fill, but after installing it I just sanded it flush with the edge and now it looks perfect!

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

I call this paint color “Mutt”… it is a mix of all of the custom colors I had small leftovers of, plus a healthy dose of Provence. Most of the colors were Annie Sloan but there were a few CeCe Caldwell colors in there too. It turned out to be a very lovely blue green…

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

I just cleaned up the original hardware by soaking it overnight in ammonia and it turned out to have a very pretty brass finish

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

The inside of the cabinet has shelves (the center one does too) and each section is separate from the other. Lots of great storage here!

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

Even though I’m not sure what the original purpose of this cabinet was I love it’s size and simplicity.

Vintage console cabinet painted custom blue chalk paint

So what do you think of the transformation? I really like it so I am going to take it with me to Louisville in hopes of it working for us in our new sunroom! Any ideas as to what to call this piece? Console table maybe…

Thanks as always for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Domestically Speaking

Ok, so if the title didn’t scare you off I think you may enjoy this post! I know there is a bunch of tutorials out there on how to frame a mirror, but you can endure one more right? Maybe you’ll even learn how NOT to do something, which can be helpful as well…

Let me start by saying that we built this house 4 years ago and for most of that time I have wanted to frame out the mirrors. Why did I wait that long you ask… well I always sometimes have the tendency to make a project much bigger than it needs to be as in “lets put frames around the mirrors, but if we do that then we need to enlarge the shower, replace the tub, remove the tiles” oh it goes on & on with me sometimes! I finally said screw it! It cost us about $30 to make these frames and I just love them!

Enough blathering, on with the project…

So we started off sort of like this… but imagine a big mirror covering the entire space over the vanity (where the white paint is), I’m sure some of you must have this or have had this setup in your own homes.

We decided to make the frames first, then install them and this is the way we did it…

First we cut the wood trim to size using our miter saw, cutting the ends at 45 degree angles. Then we use a biscuit joiner tool to cut a biscuit notch in the wood trim on each end. We did a dry fit around the mirror to make sure it fit right before moving onto the next step… see we have learned from our “mistakes” in the past.

We applied wood glue and a biscuit in the notches.

Using a biscuit joiner

We then attached all of the pieces together and clamped it with my frame clamp. My frame clamp is one of my all time favorite tools, perfect for all kinds of clamping projects, I highly recommend buying one! Are you wondering why this frame looks so small? If you’re not don’t worry about it, if so good catch! I’ll show you why…

Clamping a frame using a frame clamp

This is why… “someone” (not saying who) over tightened the washer when he was replacing the original mirror clip and it broke my mirror… I think he thought I was going to have a fit (which is SO unlike me), but really I never wanted the huge mirror so this little oops worked out well for me!

My hubby (or the usual suspect as I like to affectionately refer to him as) took the mirror to the glass shop and for $8 had it cut down to the size I wanted… a WIN for both of us!

Here is the solution we came up with in order for the frame to sit as flush as possible to the mirror. We replaced the original clips with washers and added a small piece of wood behind them to keep them level with the mirror… I cannot stress this enough DON’T OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS or you may be making a trip to the glass cutter too! Smile

After we primed and painted the frames we brought them to the bathroom, applied Loctite caulk to the back of the frame and then placed it on the mirror, pressing firmly.

We used painters tape to temporarily hold the frame in place overnight.

How to install frame around bathroom mirror

I seriously CANNOT believe I waited 4 years for these! And now that we’re moving someone else gets to enjoy these… I WILL do this project again in our next house and not wait 4 years to do it either!

Here are the finished frames…

framing a bathroom mirror

These are the floating shelves my SAH made me… aren’t they fabulous! Did I mention he used cheap hollow core doors and some molding to make them? Well he did and I love them… I guess I have to leave them behind too Crying face

floating wood shelves

Here is my Hubby’s side… he has the huge mirror so he can do all his “primping”… just kidding he doesn’t primp… but the mirror looks 1000x’s better with just a simple frame around it.

framing a bathroom mirror

As I have this HUGE tub deck I needed something to fill the space on this side, my new hutch is on the other side so now the deck feels balanced.

master bathroom

This cute bench from Home Goods works PERFECTLY… add a “few” candles and it’s a focal point! I also get lots of morning light streaming in my bathroom window in the morning, so I added these plants that love it there and grow crazy long… I have to cut them back all of the time!

master bath tub deck

This is the only chandelier left hanging in the house that will not convey… I bought it in Savannah at a cute store called the Paris Flea Market and I’m not leaving it!

beautiful chandelier

Finally the whole tub deck area… see all of that morning light!

master bathroom update

Hope you liked my little mirror frame tutorial and bathroom tour! Does it look good enough for someone else to want to move in? I hope so…

Until next time…

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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This post is long overdue and picture heavy, but we are very proud of the final results of all our hard work on her room! Now of course we will be moving and I have to do it all over again Crying face

Sorry for the crazy bad picture, but this one was all I could find to show you the BEFORE of this room…


I won’t go into details on how we updated this closet into a dressing room, but please check out the details here if you’re interested, it’s a pretty cool transformation if I do say so myself.


We painted the room the same soothing Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray that we painted our oldest daughter’s room. I love this color so much I’m pretty sure I will be painting rooms in the new house this color.

Grey painted bedroom for a girl

I made this jewelry holder for her from a vintage cabinet door and painted it a custom coral color ASCP. And I just adore this vintage plant stand that I painted Duck Egg, it’s perfect for holding stuffed animals. This is like 1/100th of the stuffed animals this child has, but as part of the decluttering I packed up all but these, let me tell you she was THRILLED!

Custom made jewelry holder   Vintage plant stand stuffed animal holder

Here you can see where we worked in the vintage French doors into her décor, as funny as she was about these doors she really likes them now… WHEW!

grey painted girls bedroom

I love this owl print I bought, it’s by a local Richmond artist and the colors were just perfect for her room. My SAH made the frame and installed the glass and mat board for me, all I did was paint the frame but I think I did a good job Smile

custom owl print

As much as I don’t like seeing all of her “crap”, Brie does, so if I have to see it at least I can put it on a cool rustic shelf right? This was an old store display, I just cleaned it up and we attached it to the wall for stability. The cork board is for her to display some of her drawings, she draws A LOT and is very good so I do love seeing them displayed!

vintage shelf organizer

This was the last project I needed to finish before sharing this room with you… I bought this great bench at auction, we made some modifications, painted it and made a cushion for it.

Now it’s the perfect window seat with a removable cushion. I will tell you I put off this project as long as I could as I dreaded sewing the cushion… I did a pretty good job, but I’m still no seamstress!

Custom window seat update

I let Brie pick out the piping fabric, she loves blue and this is a great print… I’m also going to make some pillows out of the same fabric… one day…

Custom window seat update

This is the view from the far side of her room, you can see her fabulous new dressing area and into the shared Jack and Jill bathroom.

updated girls grey painted bedroom

When she has friends over they love to close the curtains and play in the dressing room!

grey dressing room

Her wonderful closet space! I still love these grey floating floors we installed, I think I may need to find a room to install these in at our new home too…

grey painted and stencled custom closet

Last but not least is the bathroom area she shares with one of her sisters. I made the shower curtain before we even moved into this house, as shower curtains are pretty easy to make and I love the custom look you can achieve with one.

grey bathroom

I love this little “spa” area I have set up for them… and it’s not just for show either, they really use this stuff, doesn’t it look pretty too though?

bathroom organizer

So that’s Brie’s new bedroom, dressing room and bathroom! I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Thanks as always for stopping by, hope you come back soon!

Until next time…

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Domestically Speaking

The Bathroom Hutch

We just got back from a lovely time in Louisville, KY house searching and exploring. Louisville is a fabulous place with lots to see and do, everyone was so friendly, I’m getting much more excited about our move to a new city now! Also, we were able to find a house, make an offer and the offer was excepted! So baring any unforeseen complications or a crazy home inspection this will be our new house…


Were very excited about it! It’s not a new house so it will need some updating, major updating in the master bath, but it has great bones. Some of the reasons we chose this house over others were the façade, family space, 10ft basement ceilings, huge master closet and the over 1 acre lot. I think you’ll be seeing more how-to room updates in the future… but right now I have a good furniture update to share with you…

I was going to title this post “why I repainted my bathroom”, while I thought the title was not descriptive enough for the subject matter it was absolutely fitting! You see, after I bought this hutch I decided that it would work perfectly in my bathroom for towels and bath storage. It’s a wonderful vintage piece with old bead board backing, wavy glass and original hardware… seriously what’s not to love? Well it did need a base, so a little construction was in our future, along with bathroom painting!


Vintage Hutch Update

To build the base we first placed the hutch on a 1/2 inch plywood scrap to mark out the base outline.

The Hubster helped me out (not that I couldn’t do this, but someone has to take pictures right?) by jigsawing the base pattern out.

We cut some 2×4’s for the base to elevate it and to be able to attach molding. We attached the 2×4 base to the plywood with glue and nails… I LOVE nailing with my nail gun, sometimes I go a little overboard…

We attached the base to the bottom of the hutch with glue & screws, cut the molding to add to the base and attached the molding with nails to the 2×4’s. Here it is after I had filled the nail holes… I think I went a little crazy with the nail gun again! Embarrassed smile

Adding a base to a vintage hutch

I primed the base and the interior of the hutch so that we had a consistent base color to work with. Also, I was painting the inside with Latex paint so I wanted to ensure that I had NO problems with adhesion.

I painted the inside of the cabinet a white semi-gloss, I really wanted a nice clean looking interior for my towels. For the exterior I used a custom mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paints 50/50 Florence and Provence. Here it is prior to being distressed, you’ll see that I didn’t tape off the glass, I never do! I just scrape it off with a razor after the fact, it’s faster and easier for me, but I know that may not be the case for everyone.

After I distressed and sealed it with wax it is now all finished up and in it’s place on my huge tub deck…

Functional hutch for bathroom storage

It holds our extra towels and all of my bubbles, it’s just perfect storage and beautiful to look at too!

Functional hutch for bathroom storage

I love the old hardware and wavy glass!

bathroom cabinet update

Even the texture on the sides pop with the new finish.

bathroom cabinet update

I added a basket of lavender that I had harvested and dried, it makes the bathroom smells so nice! The other side of my tub deck is just as big, I’ll show you what I put there in my bathroom post, it’s purely decorative where this hutch is very functional.

Using a hutch cabinet for added bathroom storage

I hope you like my hutch makeover! I’m already trying to figure out where I am going to put this when we move because I’m keeping it for sure!

Have a great day guys!

Until next time…

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The Second Time Around Patio Set

So I almost didn’t share this makeover with you… I’m a little embarrassed and you will see why! I bought this vintage patio set about 12 years ago, it had no bottoms or back but I just loved it! Back then I painted the metal and I covered the seats in good quality outdoor fabric, but now they are way past needing an update… and yes, these yucky things have been sitting on my deck… so GROSS!


I think the nastiness on the back is a mixture of algae, mildew and bird crap! But other than that isn’t it a pretty set?


Here is the table, I just adore the leaf patterns in the iron work.


I put off updating this set up for way too long… now that we are in the process of a large move and I wanted to be sure to get this done before we moved (I really just think I didn’t want it touching the rest of our stuff)

So here is the much improved AFTER!

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

I sanded away any rust spots and sprayed the spots with a clean metal primer by Rustoleum. I then spray painted the whole set a satin black, it took about 4 cans but I got it done!

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

I LOVE this fabric I bought from Ufab, here in Richmond, it’s outdoor fabric and at about $25 a yard it better hold up for another 12 years! The colors work great for us as we have both blue and green in some of our other pieces.

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

I used the same fabric for the back of the seat cushions, I just found the flowers in the pattern and cut them out. Doesn’t the set look much more inviting?

Vintage wrought ironpatio set updated refinished

Changing out the fabric on this set was pretty easy, I just had to remove a BUNCH of staples and I used the old fabric as a template for the new fabric. It took a while to sand and spray the set, but once I was done I was thrilled with the results. It’s like I have a whole new set for a fraction of the price. There is nothing like a move to get you motivated to finish the long put off projects right?

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Until next time!

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My New Credenza

I hope you guys are enjoying your summer, it’s so hot here I just am wondering what has happened to my nice 83 degree days! I guess I shouldn’t complain, but it’s been pretty miserable trying to clear out the garage in this heat… So I’m coming inside to write this post and it’s a much needed break! I finished this project a couple of weeks back, but with all of the new job and moving stuff going on I hadn’t written it up, so here it goes…
I knew exactly what I was looking for when I found this credenza,I thought it was just perfect! It had file drawers and a small cabinet and just the right style… be prepared for some AWESOMENESS people!

Pine credenza

Are you underwhelmed or what? Trust me on this one, not only was the credenza only $36 but I knew with a little TLC it would be perfect!

So we did a little of this…

Adding feet to credenza

We added 2×4’s to the underside so we could attach legs… we picked these legs up at Home Depot. I just screwed them right into the wood after predrilling the holes, super easy.

How to add feet to furniture

and we attached a little of this… small trim I hand cut with my miter box and applied with Loctite.

Adding trim to cabinets

Oh, yes the small trim added just the right amount of detail to the fronts of those super plain drawers. I also filled in the old screw holes with wood putty in preparation for the new hardware.

We primed it too… this was pine with knots, I wasn’t about to apply a bunch of coats of paint just to control bleed through… I’ve learned my lesson the hard way! I ALWAYS prime mahogany and pine…

priming pine credenza

I added some “new” hardware, well actually the bin pulls are new, but the ring pull is from my grab bag of vintage knobs that I’ve had to remove from other pieces, the finish match is PERFECT! The paint is Cabinet Coat tinted in Stonington Gray, it’s about the lightest gray I have ever worked with and I adore it!


Stonington Gray painted credenza

Just the right amount of storage for me! I have home files on one side and my business “stuff” on the other…

Stonington Gray painted credenza

My beautiful vintage ring pull…

Vintage ring pulls on gray credenza

The gorgeous bin pulls that I want to use EVERYWHERE!

Bin pulls on gray credenza

Now I have this fabulous “command center” in my office and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product! If you missed the Study tour please hop on over and take a look at the rest of the room!

Gray painted office credenza

What do you think, do you like the new and improved credenza? Would you have bought this piece?

Before and after gray painted office credenza

Thanks as always for stopping by…

Hope you come back soon!

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Domestically Speaking

The House Tour: The Study

Ok, so I have “favorites” is that so bad? Right now one of my favorites is our study, which is really my office now, but I still call it the study…

Museum Piece Grey painted office study

We just finished painting it, Benjamin Moore Museum Piece, and hanging the picture rail. This is the second room we’ve added a picture rail to and I just love it! You buy these special hooks that sit on the rail and you can move and hang pictures all over the space, plus I like the added architectural feel that it brings to the room.

Hanging pictures on a picture rail

I recently bought a HUGE collection of vintage frames, I was totally excited! I cleaned a few of them up, added glass and mat board and some close up pictures of furniture I have refinished. I just love having these up as inspiration photos and as a bonus it ads a little “art” to the space without being over personal… remember I’m selling the house so they needed to be neutral pieces. I used black velvet ribbon to hang the frames with, just tying it to the back hooks.

Framed artwork for picture rail

This room can either be a bedroom or an office as there are nice deep closets in the room as well. I use the closets to store my crafting supplies, sewing machine, printer and Silhouette machine… it keeps the room nice and tidy looking and my “goodies’” away from the kids.

Painted grey study office

The room has a beautiful bay window that is a perfect spot for my vintage desk and chair. Lots of morning light and a pretty view of the woods out one of the windows.

Gray painted study office

I just adore my vintage desk and chair, the finishes are original all I did was clean them up, super easy!

Vintage office desk and chair

I’m using my antique basket to hold all of my ribbons, I don’t use ribbon that much but I love buying it… so many pretty patterns! I did seal the basket with poly before I used it, that way it will continue to have this great patina but be safe for my carpet and ribbons.

Vintage basket for ribbon storage

This is my “command” center area with lots of space for home files and my business “stuff”. I’m working on the post for the credenza, you won’t believe the transformation!Credenza command center for office

I had this vintage wood shutter leftover from Lucketts so I asked my SAH to remove every other slat so I could use it for book and magazine storage. I just spray painted it white, because it was fast and easy, but I hot glued 1” cork “feet” to the top and bottom of the shutter so that it would sit off the wall and allow the magazines to slip over the rungs.

Office shutter magazine storage

The cabinet with all of my fabric is another one of my favorite Craig’s List purchases. It is a vintage china cabinet from Portugal that was in the owners family for quite a long time. While I didn’t understand why they wanted to part with it, I was more than happy to take it off of their hands…

Yes, I could have staged the contents better, but if I ever wanted to get this post done that was not happening Laughing out loud

Vintage china cabinet fabric storage

I hope you like my study! Now that it looks fabulous I hate to have to leave it… but I hope someone else will love this room as much as I do.

Until next time…

Thanks for stopping by!

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