Guess What Hubby Is Working on This Weekend

What happens when you buy an awesome antique walnut bed frame and then realize that it won’t fit a regular sized mattress (oops) ?

Headboard BEFORE

Footboard Before

You make 2 benches! YAY!! So excited… my hubby is making these, I literally am not helping at all… hey I’m working on other things don’t you worry Winking smile!

This is the larger bench in progress…

This is the smaller bench in progress… it is actually the same as the “larger” one the back is just shorter!

I’m very excited that he is building these! I will be painting them later and I might make cushions for them if I have time… but I think they will be great when they are done! Of course I’ll show you them… don’t you worry!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

Until next time!

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  1. Those will be beautiful. I bought an antique twin headboard and footboard attached with side rails a few years ago only to find that today’s modern twin mattresses would not fit. Well, would not fit well. Kind of like Cinderella’s ugly sisters, I stuffed that mattress in anyway 😉


  2. Husbands are handy! Great head/foot boards!! My husband has made me three of these! One has a tufted seat, one has a slatted seat, and the third has a tufted seat with a pleated skirt! We, however, used the footboards for arms/sides on the benches 🙂


    1. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! We couldn’t use the foot board as sides because it had a pointed top, which is why we used it as a back for the smaller bench. We used the wood side rails as the sides, which seemed to work very well! And yes, husbands are VERY handy 😉


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