Little Table Redo and a Genius Idea



Nice right? OK… so some of you may have passed this beauty by and said “no way!”… but not me… she’s the PERFECT size for a small bedside table and just look at those dainty legs! Yes… she’s pretty banged up but I’m totally sure I can fix her up!

I sanded her top and shelf down to remove all of the nastiness, but sanding doesn’t remove all of the water rings from the top…

This is a custom piece for a client who had previously purchased from me a Carrera marble and Paris Grey painted bedside table. She wanted this table to coordinate with the Carrera table… so Pure White Chalk Paint for the top and Paris Grey for the base is the paint scheme for this piece…

Check out the nice stain that bled through the Kliz primer!

I ended up having to paint 4 coats of primer to get rid of the water marks… nice!! There are better primers for this sort of problem but the only ones I had on hand were sprays and I was NOT going to spray paint in the house…


She cleaned up nicely don’t you think?

I lightly distressed the table and waxed it with Minwax… now here is my TOTAL genius idea…

Umm… yeah that’s right!

I put the wax on an electric candle warmer ($4 Hobby Lobby) and the wax became soft and super easy to apply! In the summer time I like to put the wax in the sunshine, but it’s a little chilly to be waxing furniture outside these days… so I’m pretty proud of myself for thinking up this little solution. Yes, if I used a soft wax I wouldn’t have to do this, but I prefer to use the paste wax on certain pieces and now that it is butter soft it makes my job easier… Yippee!

Hope it help you too…

As always… thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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The Evolution of a Chair

I am doing something I have wanted to do for a VERY long time… I’m taking an upholstery class… I’m very excited to learn how to upholster the “proper” way!

This is the chair I decided to update first… Lots of tufting should give me plenty of practice!


Check out the cool arms on this chair!

I removed all of the old fabric and saved it to use as a template for the new fabric. I then sanded down some of the rough areas on the chair and stained those areas in order to have continuity once I distressed it.


I painted a base coat of ASCP French Linen then a quick coat of a custom mix of Old Ochre and Country Grey (1:3), which turned out to be a very pretty “bone” color… if bones can be called pretty…

I lightly distressed it to reveal both the French Linen and the stained wood, waxed it with Minwax paste wax then buffed it with a combination 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.

I made like a million buttons (ok, so it was only 35) but I used their button maker and WOW is all I can say!! If I ever get to the point where I am making a lot of buttons I will want one of these! It took me less than 30 minutes to make all of the buttons and they are ALL perfect! If you have ever made buttons with the cheap little set you get at the store you will understand how fast that is!

Here’s a picture of my button maker!

This is a picture of the back of the chair… my first tufting job EVER! I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out…

It took me the entire class (3 hours) to complete the tufting on the seat cushion and partially attach it to the chair seat, but I’m very happy with the results so far… my teacher is a great (and thankfully) very patient man Laughing out loud

It really takes a lot of time to regulate the folds and learning how to staple the fabric to the frame appropriately has been a little challenging for me, but I am improving…

I hot glued the piping on after I trimmed all of the excess fabric… and she’s all done!


I was planning on selling it… but not now… she’s all mine!!! Yay!


The seat came out better than the back, but I’m very happy with the overall final look of the whole chair!


It now has a permanent residence in our bedroom… where I get to admire it everyday!


If you are ever interested in trying to do this yourself I’m sure there is a class in your area and I would highly recommend taking it… They provided all of the materials (except for the fabric) and the class size was kept pretty small.

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Sometimes a Lesson is Learned the Hard Way

I’m exhausted and quite disappointed too! The show I participated in this Saturday turned out to be very unsuccessful for me, but I think was pretty successful in general… Most people were looking for Holiday gifts or decorative items, which as you know is not my “thing”. I did however sell some small items, silver pieces, glittered pinecones etc. I also sold the beautiful round French table to a wonderful couple who was actually on their way to the gym and decided to stop… lucky me!

Now that I got that off of my chest I also wanted to say a BIG thank all of my followers, friends, neighbors and relatives who stopped by to say “hi” and shopped at all of the booths… some for themselves… some for others! My daughters bought some jewelry at one of the inside vendor’s booths so they were quite happy… and I got to try some crepe’s from Monique’s Mobile Crepes. Have you even heard of such a thing as a mobile crepe truck? OMG!!! Let me tell you those crepes were fabulous, my favorite was the “Nice Pear” which had whipped goat cheese in it! I think I’m going to try to beg her to come to my neighborhood one weekend morning, I would TOTALLY stand in line in my PJ’s with a cup of coffee and patiently wait my turn for sure! Or maybe I can convince her to play music over a loud-speaker and drive around the neighborhood like the ice cream truck… how AWESOME would that be!

I totally forgot to take pictures of my booth… but this is what the inside of my garage looks like now… It’s so sad!

I’m hosting Thanksgiving and cannot put ANY of this inside!!! Feel for me please and be thankful this is not your garage! By the way… I don’t think I will be able to live up to the promise I made my Hubby to get him space inside the garage before it gets too cold… sorry babe Sad smile  I feel awful about it!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m looking forward to ours!!

Until next time…

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A Vintage Affair

It’s not the kind of affair you’ve been hearing about in the news recently… so bring your friends and come out and enjoy the Ashland Vintage Holiday Market! It is kicking off this Friday & Saturday and I’ll be there Saturday ONLY outside the Hanover Arts and Activities Center…

BYJ flyer

I will have quite a packed tent filled with furniture & vintage items! So please… please… come by and check out my goods and say “hi”… you know I’d love to see you!

I’ll also have these little cuties I picked up at an estate sale this past weekend…

Awesome vintage blue glass Ball & Atlas canning jars… they are just beautiful!




I also have a ton of silver plate items… bowls, platters and candle holders! Wonderful vintage pieces! (Sorry no pictures, they are all wrapped up and ready to go!)

I have a few vintage wooden toolboxes…


and two vintage toolboxes I “dressed up” for Christmas…


I think they would look so fabulous as a centerpiece for your holiday table… don’t you?


Need a chair? I seriously will have at a minimum 10 chairs there… all of them awesome, not all of them pictured…


This is most of the furniture that I’m bringing to the show… please don’t make me bring it back home… I’m hosting Thanksgiving for my family and I’d like to pretend (for at least a day) that I don’t have a furniture hoarding problem… Embarrassed smile


I wish the weather this coming weekend was going to be in the 70’s like it was last weekend, but high 50’s isn’t too bad! There will be vendors inside the building as well as those of us who have tents outside! If you come around lunch time you can stop by Homemades by Suzanne and eat some lunch or pick up a pie or quiche (my fav) to go… you know she makes the yummiest food!

As always thanks for stopping by…

Hope to see you this Saturday! Bring your shopping bags Smile

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Bedroom Update Part 2

If you missed “Part 1” and you want to see what I started with read it here.

So we are 3 weekends into this and I pretty thrilled with the progress of Brie’s new bedroom…

As you can see we got the walls painted the (Farrow & Ball Pavilion Grey)… I cannot adequately explain how over the moon I am about this color! Just the perfect shade of grey with just the tiniest hint of blue… I seriously want to paint most of the house this color now Thinking smile

I updated these “gross old crusty doors” (what Brie called them) and now she LOVES them! I will write a how to post on them soon… we also hung this gorgeous vintage brass and crystal chandelier… I call it the Cinderella chandelier because it looks like the pumpkin carriage she took to the ball…

DSC_0023 (2)

The words I used are my own and personify my youngest… hopefully she will keep these for a long time… and of course what room is complete without a monogram Winking smile

DSC_0022 (2)     DSC_0044

We’ve installed the new lighting for her closet… lots of light that I can adjust direction on as necessary… love the feel that it gives to the closet! I also stenciled a huge Lotus flower stencil on that wall… what a pain that was… note to self… use large stencils on floors not walls!

DSC_0025 (2)     DSC_0027

We also painted the bathroom, removed the builder’s grade mirror and replaced it with one I found at Hobby Lobby… I think it will just be temporary though as I found a vintage one for the other vanity and I just love the look… so I‘m on the hunt for another vintage mirror for here…


My SAH (super awesome hubby) added a new ceiling receptacle so we could add this chandelier to the dressing area space… tons of light now! We had this chandelier in her old room (it’s from Land of Nod) but it was pink and green… so I sprayed it flat white and replaced the clear glass swag with blue ones and added the blue glass drops… it’s like a new chandelier now!


The drywall guys came today… YAY! So work should be able to continue on this weekend…

We still have a hand full of things to get done but we are hoping to get it all done before Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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Unique French Side Table Revived

I just LOVE this round French table! Not only is it pretty to look at but it has storage too… what?! The glass top has this wonderful treatment to the underside… however it is missing a knob and the trim around the top has some damage, but it is in great structural condition so I would say an overall fabulous piece!



It took me some time to figure out what colors to use, but I think in the end it turned out beautiful!



The color palette I chose was Cream and Pure White (for the highlights) Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. These colors coordinated perfectly with the gold and brown on the glass top.


One of the areas I highlighted with the Pure White chalk paint.


I lightly distressed the entire piece and waxed it with Annie Sloan’s clear wax. Annie’s wax is just is so creamy that I find it works best for pieces with a lot of detail… I used a wax brush to get into all of the grooves… I also sprayed the new knobs and the metal inserts a brown metallic, sort of like ORB but not exactly, it blends in perfectly with the entire piece.


Sorry about the reflection on the top, I had a hard time finding a place to photograph this… but it is just so pretty!


This table 31.5” in diameter x 28” tall… it’s a rather large size… where or how would you use the table? I’m sure there is a name for this kind of table, of you know what it is please let me know!

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Until next time!

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Sunday Dinner Chef’s

Here is a “wicked” plan I devised one Sunday evening when my girls (ages 18,16 & 9) were once again bugging me about what’s for dinner…

Every Sunday my girls have to plan and prepare dinner… and I’m not talking about just throwing a pizza in the oven… a real meal! It started out with all of them cooking together but after a few weeks “they” (not sure if it was a democratic decision or not) decided that Sierra and Brie (oldest and youngest) would prepare a meal one week then Cassidy would have to do the next week… seriously why can’t they just ALL get along?!

Anyway, this is such a wonderful time for me and the Hubby to sit back, drink a glass of wine and enjoy each others company while someone else cooks! It also is a fabulous opportunity for the girls to learn to plan a meal, follow a recipe and get all of the items plated while they are still hot! I can’t tell you how much their cooking has improved and how much more they appreciate the cooking that their Dad & I do! We also take the opportunity to eat in the Dining Room to make the dinner even more special (we would normally eat in the eat in area off the kitchen)… at least the Dining Room is getting some use other than Holidays!

Well with Sierra off to College it’s just Cassidy cooking (I don’t think she wants Brie to help her..) and this is what she made this past Sunday, with NO help or suggestions from us, this is totally a Cassidy meal… she’s my meat and potatoes girl…

First of all I must say she cooked the Pot Roast and veggies in the crock pot and I was told it was FABULOUS (I don’t eat red meat but it looked great)! The baked mac & cheese was very good, the collard greens delicious and the candied acorn squash was interesting… But seriously how many 16 year olds are out there trying to cook like this? I’m very proud of her for sure…

Since Cassidy started cooking on Sunday’s she can make a mean Chicken Lasagna & Sheppard’s Pie (with ground chicken) by heart… she truly amazes me! Now if I can just get her to apply that same focus to cleaning her room I would be thrilled!

All the girls are so proud of themselves for being able to cook and they really do love the planning part of the meal as well… because they get to cook what they want to eat! It’s a win win for everyone so why not give it a try… I think you’ll be amazed… I know I am every Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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