Lovely in Red Bookcase

I picked up this little bookcase the other day, while some people might have just walked by it I knew it had potential… so sweet with all of the detail and just the perfect size! So what if it needs a back… seriously the back cost me about $5! I went to the Home Depot and bought a large sheet of 1/4 plywood and had them cut it to size… you can’t get much easier than that! This little cutie is solid wood and ready to be loved again!



The outside is painted in a custom mix (1:3 ratio) of Old Ochre and Country Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint… I call this color “Bone” it’s is a great neutral color! The inside is painted Emperor’s Red Chalk Paint, an unusual combination I know but I love the way it turned out!


The whole piece is distressed, waxed and buffed! It only took about 1.5 coats of each color…


Just look at all of the cute curves and details that show up on this bookcase!


I painted and stenciled the back prior to attaching it to the bookcase… otherwise there is no way I would have stenciled this… I absolutely LOVE the way the piece looks with the stenciled back… it really updates it I think.


I was SUPER lucky that the stencil size worked out so perfectly for this back…


I have painted and update 4 bookcases in the last month… you can find them relatively inexpensively and you can use them just about anywhere… the kitchen, bathroom, playroom etc.… so versatile!

I think the red and bone combination will show well for Christmas at the Vintage Holiday Market I am doing on November 17th! Hope you can stop by if your in town!

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Carrera Marble Topped Console Table

I won this little pretty at an auction several months ago… The shape is PERFECT, the marble is authentic Italian Carrera and is in fantastic condition but the color of the wood base had to be changed!



I did prime this with grey spray primer prior to painting… I always play it safe when working with mahogany as the bleed through can be a pain in the rear!


Here it is all decked up for Fall!


I painted it in Paris Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, lightly distressed it and waxed it with a coat of clear soft wax.


The Paris Grey is a perfect compliment to the Carrera Marble top!


I just love this cute little grey owl I picked up from Hobby Lobby!


The legs are just gorgeous!

DSC_0045 DSC_0035

It is just the perfect display table!


I hope you like my latest furniture makeover!

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A Bedroom Update Part 1

This post is part 1 of a series of posts following the update to our youngest daughter’s “new” bedroom.

The room was originally painted Wasabi green and has some closet / space deficiencies I wanted to “fix” prior to her moving in…

Here is a view of the area in question… there is this unused space on the right and the vanity area (part of a Jack & Jill bathroom setup) straight ahead and a walk in closet to the left.


As you can see the bathroom door and the closet door take up most of this area… had we custom built this house I would have used pocket doors here for sure!

There is also this weird jut out corner in the closet created by the backside of the hall linen closet… I think this area could have been planned better! We removed the wire shelving (sorry, but I really can’t stand wire shelving), modified the setup of the shelves and added wood shelves and rods.

Here is the left side of the jut out where the area is setup for long hanging items. I decided to paint the shelves and poles grey using a custom 50/50 mix of ASCP Graphite & Old White. I prefer the look of the dark grey color against the soft grey walls better than if I had just painted them white. The wood supports jut out past the rods for a reason… I’ll come back to that!


This was the “fun” part… removing the walls to open this space up! We are going to make this whole area a dressing area by removing some of the walls, both doors, carpet and tile! Pretty sure Hubby should be wearing shoes… totally not safe! Here he is cutting the wall with the reciprocating saw… that tool made quick work of those walls!

Here is the same area now opened up! It truly is such a great space already! We will be doing some sheetrock repair, but also trimming out the openings with molding as well.

Looking into the closet area… see the jut out I was talking about?!

We also got the walls painted! We had Va. Paint color match Pavilion Gray by Farrow & Ball in Benjamin Moore Regal Select Matte finish… let me tell you this paint is AWESOME! It covered that Wasabi Green in 1 coat!!! It went on super smooth and is just gorgeous! When we painted the inside of the closet, which was still painted the builder’s white, it took 2 coats… the wallboard just absorbed the paint!

Please ignore the unmade bed, Brie got in it to “supervise” us…

She also put some “work shirts” on the dogs… see how happy they were about that Sarcastic smile !

Not to mention they were not at all helpful!

So we still have a ways to go… we still have to install new light fixtures

remove tile in vanity area

remove carpet in the newly defined dressing area

install flooring in new dressing area

stencil (wall or floor not sure which one yet)

hang new mirror over vanity

have drywall repaired

install molding

create separation between bedroom and dressing area

We are hoping to get done before Thanksgiving… we are only working on it on the weekends so we will see how that timeline goes!

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I Believe In the Great Pumpkin Do You?

If you are reading this near the kiddos please send them away! This is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!!!

My Version of the GREAT PUMPKIN

About 15 years ago or so I read a Dear Abby type article in the newspaper… It was about a creature called the “GREAT PUMPKIN”… I don’t remember much of the original story as I modified it for my own purposes that very Halloween. My oldest daughter was about 4 at the time…

The common Halloween candy dilemma is the kids go trick or treating, they get a ton of candy and they want to eat it all… but you don’t want them to eat too much of it… you don’t want to save it… and you don’t want it around to tempt you to eat it! My solution was to take the original story I read about the “GREAT PUMPKIN” and I created this basic story for my children…

On Halloween night after all of the trick or treating has been done and the kids have come home to check out their loot the child must decide what candy they will keep. They put the candy they want to give to the Great Pumpkin in a bag with their name on it. This bag gets put on the front porch and at some point during the night the Great Pumpkin comes around and picks it up. Now the Great Pumpkin knows (just like Santa knows) how much candy the child has given in proportion to how much they have received… make sure the kids know this…it is the most important part!

The following night the Great Pumpkin comes around and drops off a gift on the porch for the child (after dinner usually worked for me) , it is VERY important to set the precedent of a small donation = small gift, big donation = big gift! My “big” gifts maxed out at $20…


Don’t let the kids see you pick up the candy from the front porch… I have my hubby put it in his car that night and take it to work where it “donates” it!

Make sure you get an appropriate gift based on how much candy they gave up.

Don’t wrap the gift, if you have more than one child write their name on the gift in handwriting they won’t recognize… seriously kids know these things!

Don’t make the GREAT PUMPKIN a scary guy… you know like the Headless Horseman or something… he’s supposed to be friendly Winking smile

When we moved to a new neighborhood 3 years ago my daughter, who was 7 at the time, was talking to her friends on the bus about the Great Pumpkin and asking how much candy they were going to give him etc.… (Funny huh?) well needless to say I got a few phone calls from my neighbors so I explained to them the deal in case they wanted to try this too… let me tell you those kids wanted to give away candy and get a gift for sure!

Anytime my daughter asks why no one else knows about the Great Pumpkin I say a lot of people do, just not everyone… so far that has satisfied her… but she is still pissed at her Dad for making her believe that he could magically start the fireplace by blowing on it… she eventually found out it was a gas fireplace with a switch on the wall… YIKES!

Anyway, every year my girls LOVE giving to and getting from the GREAT PUMPKIN! It has been the perfect solution for my family and I hope that by passing on this story it might just be the perfect solution for other families as well! Do you have a good story you’d like to share?

As always thanks for stopping by!

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Super Fast and Easy Delicious Pumpkin Muffins

OK… so I’m not a food blogger but I do occasionally have a recipe I want to share and this one is perfect for Fall!

It’s a cloudy, overcast day and I wanted to make some pumpkin muffins… I had cake mix and canned pumpkin so I knew I could come up with something… this recipe is seriously easy!

What you’ll need…

1 box of Betty Crocker’s Golden Butter cake mix, or YOUR favorite butter or yellow cake mix

2 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice

1 Can Pure Pumpkin

Follow the cake box recipe, EXCLUDING the oil… you will not need it as the pumpkin give this recipe all of the moisture it will need… trust me here!

Add the Pumpkin and the Pumpkin Pie Spice to the cake batter mixture and pour into the muffin tins (grease if necessary).

I cooked mine at 350, for 20 minutes, but cooking time will vary based on the type of mix you use etc. I suggest starting with the cooking instructions on the cake mix box but you may need to add more time cooking time… check for doneness with a toothpick!


Don’t they look yummy?! Well they are… and they are SUPER moist! I’m sure you could jazz them up with cream cheese centers, nuts etc., but this is a great basic recipe to get you started.

This time of the year I also add pumpkin to my pancake batter… my girls love the pumpkin pancakes too!

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Huge Frame Makeover

I KNOW… it’s “another” chalkboard frame… but I bought quite a few vintage frames at one time but this is the last one and the largest at 60”x49”!! I don’t think it needs a large wall to display it though… it would look just as fabulous (maybe even more so) filling up an entire wall!!


It is in excellent condition with just the right amount of detail…


I had the awesome guys at Lowe’s cut a piece of thin board for me to insert into the frame. Once home I spray primed it with a grey primer to help reduce the number of coats of chalkboard paint I would need.

When the primer was dry I painted it with 4 coats of black chalkboard paint and then attached the board to the back of the frame with Loctite and small finish nails.

I painted the frame in ASCP Florence prior to inserting the chalkboard piece…


DSC_0027 (2)

Look at how the bronze / gold just peeks through the paint!


I lightly distressed the frame and then applied a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax then a coat of AS Dark Wax. I wiped the frame down removing the excess wax and waited 24 hours before buffing with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.


I just love the beautiful shade that this blue turned once I applied the dark wax!


OK… so that was my very last chalkboard frame… I hope you enjoyed it!

Now totally off topic… sometimes I have things / stuff / information or just a “funny” that I want to share with you but I really feel like they don’t warrant a whole post written about them so I will just share them at the bottom of posts going forward… I think I’ll call them “A bit of randomness”… so here goes the first one!

A bit of randomness…

With Fall here (or fast approaching) I want to share with you my absolute favorite product for keeping my lips moist.. it’s Aquaphor by Eucerin… It comes in small tubes perfect for your purse, but I have them stashed all over the place. It is especially nice to put on at night before you go to bed because you wake up with SUPER soft lips in the morning! It’s inexpensive, non habit forming and best of all it’s an ointment and can be used for any kind of dry skin.. oh and it’s FABULOUS for babies faces when their little skin gets chapped too! Try it… I think you’ll love it too!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until Next time!

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Beachy Coffee Table

I recently picked up this nice British Traditions pine coffee table… it has great chunky country legs, but it’s not vintage at all. It really is in “as is” usable condition, but it really was just kind of blah if you know what I mean…


I first removed the existing wax coating from the top with mineral spirits, 0000 steel wool and some paper towels and then sanded the top down with 220 grit sandpaper to remove any scratches. I applied a coat of dark walnut finishing oil, which stains and protects the top all in one step… and this is where my “experiment” began…

Instead of waiting the “required” 72 +/- hours for the oil to be absorbed and the top to dry I waited a few hours, wiped the top down with a paper towel and then began painting. The painting process is basically dry brushing on Old White ASCP and once it was dry I used my orbital sander (220 grit paper) and lightly sanded the top… a pretty cool thing happened at this point… instead of the paint coming up it just smeared around on the top because of the still slightly wet oil… this technique made my dry brushing look awesome and toned down the white paint beautifully!

The bottom is just a coat of ASCP Duck Egg, no distressing…

Here it is AFTER


I waited a day and then applied Minwax paste wax to the entire piece and buffed it to a beautiful shine!


I think the top has more of a driftwood appearance than a white wash paint job…


The finished paint technique adds a lot of texture and interest to the top…


And of course I’m a HUGE fan of ASCP Duck Egg blue!

I’m thrilled with how this “experiment” turned out and I will certainly use it again…

This piece has a great Coastal or Beachy Cottage feel and is such a fabulous size!

I hope you all are getting to enjoy this wonderful Fall season!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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Sweet Dreams Bed

I bought this bed SEVERAL months ago for my youngest daughter Brie (she’s 10) we are doing a little switcheroo with the girl’s bedrooms. She and her oldest sister (who has her own apartment at Radford University so don’t feel sorry for her please…) will be trading spaces.

Brie is getting a “new” (ok… so it’s new to her) bed… this one is so gorgeous with it’s tall headboard and footboard. I’m sure I could have refinished the wood easily, but that wasn’t the look I was going for… and it’s in excellent structural condition and the price was perfect for me at $75!



Brie already had a nightstand and chest I had refinished in Paris Grey and Old White Chalk Paint so I wanted the bed to coordinate with the rest of the furniture.

Here it is in the Grey/White combination, this picture was taken before I had waxed and buffed it…


Here it is setup in her new room… the green walls will eventually soon be painted a soft grey!

DSC_0024 (2)

I hand painted (with a gold leaf pen) the phrase “sweet dreams” in French on the headboard… by the way if you are French and this phrase does NOT say that please let me know… as I used Google Translate when I probably should have phoned a Canadian friend Winking smile



Love the gorgeous details on the footboard!


The bed still had all of its original wood wheels… what luck!


And now to the not so good part… when I went to attach the metal rails the seller gave me guess what… oh yeah… they didn’t fit!! So after a few choice words for the seller and my own stupidity (note to self… never buy a bed again without validating the rails fit!) I started working on a solution for the problem… this is what we ended up doing…

I purchased 2 poplar 6”x 6’ boards and 2 1”x2” boards and a wood bed rail kit (Rockler). We installed the bed rail kit using our Dremel tool in order to countersink the kit into the headboard and foot board legs… it took some time to do this part but it was not a difficult process. We (SAH and me) then cut the boards to length and I glued and screwed the 1×2’s to the bottom of the new wood rail in order to support the wood slats for the box springs & mattress. I then stained the rail, painted it in Old White, lightly distressed and waxed it and VIOLA! new bed rails…

Did I make that sound fast and simple… ‘cause it sounds that way to me… although it was not difficult it was a little nerve wracking countersinking the pieces into the vintage-OMG-please-don’t-screw-this-up bed… but it is totally “do-able” if you ever find yourself in a similar situation OR if you just want to replace metal rails with wood ones I say go for it!

We are pretty darn proud of our rail project Smile


We have quite a ways to go in getting her room ready but we did take this area (closet / vanity / “dead” space)…


and make it look like this!

She’s going to have a super cool dressing room in this area when we are done… don’t worry I’ll keep you posted on it’s progress! Hubby keeps saying to me that I have “scope creep” and I sort of totally agree as I keep wanting to change just one more thing… Surprised smile

As always thanks for stopping by!

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It’s All About the Legs!

Seriously… it’s almost always the legs of a piece that catches my eye… and this one has a gorgeous set of gams don’t you think?

Where she excels in the legs department her “face” has seen better days… it’s hard to see in this picture but she has a significant crack and missing section of veneer on the top… it’s a tragedy really… just wait until you see…



Oh… I did forget to mention that even though her gams were great they were a tad wobbly (maybe she had a tad to much to drink? Laughing out loud)… I fixed the “wobble” by first removing the top and then disassembling the legs from the side pieces, they were held together with wooden dowels and glue. I sanded the connections then glued and clamped the table back together… the fix worked perfectly… and yes I DID remove the excess glue prior to painting…

Well lets get to groovin ‘cause she’s ready to dance again! Just check her OUT!!!

I painted her in ASCP in Paris Grey with the highlights in Old White… a classic for a beauty like this!


I sanded the top down carefully making sure to be careful with the veneer and mother of pearl inlay… what a beautiful job someone did on this table top!


I lightly distressed the paint and added a coat of Annie Sloan Wax to protect the finish…


The curves and detail on her base really pop with this paint scheme!




Ok… so now for the “bad” part… I couldn’t make the missing veneer or crack disappear, but I couldn’t bring myself to paint over this top! So she has a “beauty” mark…

I stained the top in a mix of Pecan and Special Walnut in order to closely match the sides of the top which I didn’t sand down…


Could YOU have painted over this gorgeousness?


One last look at her in all her glory! She looks pretty happy to me…


So what do you think? Was leaving the top in this condition something you would have done or would you have painted the top? I think I did the right thing for me, but I want to know what the rest of you talented folks would have done…

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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