Marble Topped Eastlake Style Chest

I love this chest! It is such a great size and while those flower appliques were amazing I couldn’t save them… Crying face

Also, since not all of the pulls were on it I had to find a solution for that as well…

Here is what I started with… beautiful grey and white marble top, well bulit vintage Eastlake chest.




I painted the outer cabinet in Graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and the drawers in Paris Grey, I just thought this color scheme would look great with the marble top!

The graphite helps brings out the pretty veining in the marble.

I just think this little gingerbread apron is so sweet!

I decided to use some of my stash of lion’s head pulls (yes, I have a stash of them… doesn’t everyone?) they fit perfectly over the existing holes… I am still wondering whether I should distress them or not… I like the juxtaposition of the “new” with the old… What do you think? It would be an easy fix, I’m just not sure…

A shot of all of the monochromatic colors…

And the “lovely” goodbye shot… sorry I had to take these pictures while it was still on the dolly, but this thing is HEAVY with the marble on it! And no one was home to help me move it… Crying face

I think this would work great in the foyer or as an occasional piece… but I would REALLY love it as a vanity for the powder room… now that would be GORGEOUS!

Thanks for stopping by…

Until next time!

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Luscious Red Chalkboard Frame

I picked up this mid-sized vintage frame a few weeks ago… man was I getting my “junkersize” on with this one… it’s much heavier than it looks as it is gesso on wood and THICK! Gorgeous looking burled wood frame with gilded details… someone had attempted to repair the gilded gesso pieces that were missing… not sure what they were thinking!



The yummy AFTER!!


I didn’t even try to repair or fix the missing gesso… I just painted over it all in metallic gold paint to minimize the missing pieces. I also rubbed over it with an umber glaze to dull the bright new gold paint…


The black stripe was left as is and the frame is painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Emperor’s Red… an absolutely GORGEOUS red!!


This frame is 4 1/2 inches thick!!! It has such a great profile!


I slightly distressed the red, waxed (Annie Sloan Wax) and buffed it… the chalkboard center is just thin wood I had cut at Lowe’s and painted with chalkboard paint… make sure you season new chalkboard paint before you write on it by rubbing it with chalk!


I love having a large chalkboard in our kitchen and we have the perfect wall for it, but I don’t write dinner meals on it as often as I should… so this is what usually happens…


The girls take it over and write random things on it I don’t understand… maybe this has something to do with our trip here this summer…


So even if you don’t have a place for a chalkboard in your kitchen I’m sure if you have kids you can bet wherever you put it it will be used!

Hope you enjoyed my latest chalkboard update!

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!

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Clouds in My Coffee…

Ok… so the title of this post may not make sense now but it will… I think Winking smile

Here is this super cute (not really) typical Queen Anne style cherry sofa table. It was in good structural shape but had been banged up a little, scratches here and there and a couple of small dents on the top…

BEFORE (I know super shot there Susan, love all those shoes!)


Here she is in all of her “After’ glory! I think she looks stunning now and anything but boring and typical! I think she looks HOT!!


I filled in and sanded down the scratches and dents and then primed the piece with grey primer which gave this table a new smooth scratch and dent free finish!


I painted her in a custom mix of ASCP Barcelona & Emperor’s Red… not the same mix I have used on a couple of other recent pieces but similar. It is such a beautiful Coral color! I also added this gold accent stripe to give her a little bling… I just love the combination of Coral & Gold!


I lightly distressed the table (including the gold stripe) so some of the base color peeks through. I then waxed it with Minwax paste wax and buffed it… it feels so silky!


Here is the reason for the “clouds in my coffee title”… yes I KNOW there is no coffee, but the reflection of the sky is pretty cool in this beautiful silver piece I just picked up!


Anyway… I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone a little and paint with some colors other than blue and green (which are my favorites)… but I was reminded that not everyone can use those colors…

So what do you think… are you liking the coral or what?

Thanks for stopping by… and as always I love reading your comments!

Until next time!

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Cute Little Bookcase

Ok.. so it wasn’t so cute to start with… don’t let it’s small size fool you, this is a sold and heavy piece!



Here it is after I painted it in ASCP Florence… just a beautiful vibrant turquoise!

I distressed it more than I usually do, but the dark oak popping through the bright blue is just perfect!

I applied a coat of Minwax Paste Wax to it then buffed it with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.

I love the combination of the silver and turquoise… but I think it would also be striking with white…

My favorite little dish of the group…

And just to show you that I am getting into the Fall spirit I have my Fall wreath up! Can I put my faux pumpkins out yet or should I wait?

I just think this little “bookcase” is adorable and would look great in just about any room! For me I can see it in my bathroom with big fluffy white towels and clear apothecary jars filled with soaps and salts!

And if you wondering “what’s up with all the silver pieces?” I picked these up at the same time I picked up the silver punch bowl, cups & trays… this is just a small portion of the finds I got that day… they are some very pretty pieces!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time…

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I’ve Got the Bowl… You Bring the Punch!!

Umm… so excited! I got this silver plated punch bowl and 24 cups at auction!! They are just GORGEOUS!!!

Perfect for me and 23 of my friends!! Just the most beautiful set I have ever seen…

Oh yeah, just in case someone gets hungry… I picked up some trays too!!!

These are all very good-sized, but the large rectangular one in the picture below is big enough for a HUGE turkey… but my Hubby would have to carry it as I think the tray itself weighs 10 pounds!

Just look at how ornate this one is! It is very long and narrow… cheese and crackers anyone?

I stood on the bench to get this shot… not very safe I’m sure!

The other trays are large and pretty too… but I do have my favorites! Some of these trays will go on to find new homes (I’ll take them to my show in November), but a couple will stay with me I’m sure! The punch bowl is most definitely staying… we have been hosting the “family” Thanksgiving at our house for the past several years so it looks like punch will be on the drinks menu this year guys!

I think we might have to make up some “ghoulish” punch for Halloween as well… yippee!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest silver “haul”…

Until next time!

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Vintage Claw Foot Drop Front Secretary Desk

Whew! That’s a mouthful.. but it is what it is… which this beauty is from the early 1920’s, has beautiful bow front drawers, cool “secret” compartments and some fine claw feet! Yes, it needs some love… don’t all of my pieces?



Well here she is after said “love’”! Just gorgeous! I decked her out in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Duck Egg for the drawer fronts, Old Ochre for the body and I sprayed the handles flat black…

Check out her yummy curves! A little bit of distressing on the entire piece was all she called for…

I just LOVE ball & claw feet… and hers were intact. Sometimes when a piece is this old you might be missing some of the “toes” or parts…

I love this combination of Duck Egg & Old Ochre!

Voila! For the inside I used a flat black and waxed it after I distressed it.

I got very lucky as the back of this was off so I just removed the whole mail sorter piece and refinished the door and drawer fronts and sprayed the rest flat black. I lightly distressed the edges and waxed all of the edges and fronts and then reinstalled the piece… I cannot imagine having to have to paint this by hand!

So lucky the key is still here.. can you imagine! Did you know these little columns pulled out? I didn’t until I removed the piece… pretty cool huh?

One last look at her ready for a new home!

My middle daughter so wanted to keep this to replace her current makeup vanity but it was just a smidge too big… she loved the little door on this piece… it reminded her of Alice in Wonderland…


I see what she means!

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!

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Getting Ready for the Show

I’m very excited to tell you about an upcoming show that I am getting ready for… which is why I’m in high gear now!

The Vintage Holiday Market in Ashland, VA… My big sis tells me it is a great place to do some serious Christmas shopping… and hopefully some furniture shopping too Winking smile !

I will only be out there on Saturday, November 17th as I will be outside because the inside spots are just too small for all of my furniture!

BYJ flyer

So if you are near enough to Ashland, VA to make it to the show I hope you do come and remember to stop by my tent and say hello! I’m very excited about the it but I have a TON to get done in order to be ready… glad the kids are back in school!

Thanks for stopping by… Until next time!

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Three Tiered Pie Crust Table

I picked up this slightly damaged 3 tiered pie crust table recently… it’s bigger than it looks… it’s 42.5” tall x 26.5” at it’s widest. I think it could be used in all sorts of ways… but not looking like this!



I began by fixing the two damaged side walls with Minwax Wood filler… let me tell you this is some cool stuff! It’s a two-part system when mixed together becomes similar to the consistency of silly putty (it smells pretty bad though). I just built the side wall up with this filler and let it dry.


After it dried I used a putty knife and scooped and shaped it as best as I could and then sanded the area down to give it a smooth shape. While it is not perfect it is a very good fix and it is hard to see once it is painted.


Even though I knew I was going to use Chalk Paint on this piece I did prime it first… why? Well two reasons, one because I did repairs and I wanted them primed and two it’s mahogany and I have lightly sanded areas of it so the likelihood of bleed through is very high… I have learned this lesson the hard way and now I either prime or spray shellac any mahogany piece that has sanded areas…

This is primed with a grey tinted Kilz primer I had on hand…


I also wanted to show you how little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I used on this project. I used 1 1/2 coats on the entire table, not including the underside… So about a little less than 1/2 an inch of paint was used… I think that’s pretty hard to beat!


Before After

Here it is all finished up! I lightly distressed it and used a top coat of Minwax paste wax to protect the surface. I think the Greek Blue chalk paint was the right choice! The light-colored “spots” you see is dappled sunlight filtering through the tree… it was a bright sunny morning!


Beautiful fluted center posts…


You can see some of the grey primer peaking through too…


Here are my two repairs… I think they blend in beautifully…

DSC_0034 DSC_0035

One last look…


I know this might seem unconventional but I think this would be a great stand for kid’s toys. My daughter likes to see all of her houses and things she builds and I can just see how well this would work in a room holding those kinds of things, her stuffed animals or even some of her bazillion Littlest PetShop animals! Anyway I’m not keeping it… so maybe someone else can find something cool to display on it!

I’m sooo looking forward to Fall!!!

Thanks for stopping by… Until next time!

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Old File System Revived

I bought this old handmade file system piece… I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do with it but I liked it so I brought it home… I really need to rethink this strategy based on the overflow situation happening at my house Laughing out loud!!



I fixed up the rough spots and then painted it with a couple of coats of Benjamin Moore Super Spec in Wedgewood Gray (which is clearly more of a blue than a gray). Let me tell you… have I been spoiled working with chalk paint! This paint had ok coverage, but it smelled very strong… and I had to apply 3 coats… not a very enjoyable experience… maybe I should have sprayed it… YIKES!



I also added these cute black catalog labels which attach with the tiniest screws.


In some of the cubby’s the wood was pretty beat up so I did have to do a fair amount of sanding.


I also printed out some small paper inserts that are easily removed so they can be customized.

I think this would be great to hang on the wall to help organize all kinds of things! Umm… I could go a little crazy organizing “stuff” with this piece! What about a purse organizer… who doesn’t need one of those?

So what would you organize with this?

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

Until next time…

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