A Fresh Start For An Old Church Window

I recently bought this FABULOUS stained glass window from a “professional” hoarders estate! There were four windows in all, but I could only afford this one because it was missing the bottom two stained glass pieces! As I was driving home with my new purchase I just had to call my neighbor and tell her about it… she was repainting her foyer and was looking for a new piece… I was thought this would be perfect… Well it didn’t fit in the spot I was thinking about but it was a perfect fit for the landing in her foyer.

The window was originally rescued from a 90 year old church that was being demolished… like I said the “hoarder” got this window plus 3 others… nice! It has been sitting somewhere gross, smells bad and has bird poo all over it! I’m sure my neighbor was thrilled to have it sitting on her carpet while she considered buying it Sarcastic smile



The hardest decision was determining exactly what the new glass should look like… I removed all of the loose (possibly lead based) paint and loose glazing, washed off the bird poo and then lightly sanded both the front and back. I installed the new glass with clear silicone caulk and used some pots to gently weigh the glass down. The next day I installed glazing on the new windows and repaired some of the missing glazing on the old windows. After the glazing was dry I painted a VERY light coat of Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint over everything, not only to tie in the old with the new but to also help seal on any additional flaking paint. I followed up the paint with a coat of wax…

My handy solution to weight down the glass…


This is the interior side of the window after I cleaned all of the poo off and wiped it down with a Rejuvenating Oil. It was so pretty it was hard to decide which side to use for this project!


Here the window is newly installed on the freshly painted grey walls of their foyer! Sorry I don’t have any in process pictures of the steps we used on the glass, but see here for the same process I did on the mirrored plates… We used my Silhouette for the “K” and the “Est. 2005” (which is the year they were married) reversed the letters and applied them to the back of the glass and then painted and removed the vinyl. The aging process we used just came out fabulous! It was very hard to take pictures of the mirrored surface with all of the light and reflections but you can see it pretty well…


I just am thrilled by how well the stained glass colors coordinate with the color they chose for the walls…


You can see how reflective this mirror paint is as you can clearly see the wainscoting on the landing! Aren’t they cute with their little baby boy… the picture is installed with picture corners so they can change it out very easily when they wants to.

DSC_0017 DSC_0025

My neighbor and I worked on the finishing of the glass together so she could learn this process too! So much fun and really very easy to do! She loves the piece and I know they will enjoy it for many, many years! It certainly is a statement piece and it is one of the first things you see when you come in the front door… what a cute welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my little window update!

Until next time…

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A Coral Dresser to Celebrate Fall

The sad, sad gal needs a little color boost! She is very well made but has been sitting (partially refinished) in some guys garage for a couple of years… I think she has some heat damage as there were several places where the paint was severely flaking off and it didn’t look like water damage… Anyway, I found this on Craig’s List for a client of mine who was looking for just the right piece to put in her bedroom… very good buy!


My client happen to see my little coral table and knew she wanted to use that color in her bedroom! She even had a sample of the fabric she was going to use with her! I snapped this picture below to send to her to make sure the color was ok… not too orange, not too red… not pink! The wood blocks are part of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint samples, Emperor’s Red and Barcelona, which I mixed in order to achieve this Coral color…


Here she is the morning she was being picked up… she really is a stunner… her coloring came out great and tends to change from the orange side of coral to a little on the red side depending on the light…


Her original handles were painted white but I new she needed a little more “bling” than that! I sprayed them metallic gold, distressed them and then rubbed them down with a brown glaze… understated beauty! I also used my gold leaf pen on the drawer and base highlights and then knocked down the shine with steel wool.

DSC_0016 DSC_0040

These knobs are just perfect!!

DSC_0019 DSC_0041

I very lightly distressed her, applied a coat of Minwax paste wax and buffed her to a smooth shine!


My client seemed very happy with her and was excited to get home and start filling her up with goodies! I think this piece would also look great in the dining room or family room because of her shape and color!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest custom color I created with the chalk paint… so much fun!

Until next time…

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The Dedicated House

I Spy With My Little Eye

Something that looks like THIS!!!


WHAT!!! Umm… is there such a thing as love at first sight with furniture? If there is then I’m in LOVE! Needless to say I didn’t hesitate too long to decide to purchase… but I did hesitate and here’s why…

  1. It’s VERY large, as in it will not fit into the back of my Yukon large!
  2. It needs a lot of work, and I’m not 100% positive I’m “ready” for the challenge…
  3. It’s pricier than my “usual” purchases, not that it’s not worth it!

I think the piece used to be a mail sorter of some kind as there are still names penciled on the wood cross pieces…. By the way the side doors that go with this piece are sitting behind it, but I really like the sides open and I can always use the doors to repair some of the missing pieces if necessary!

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on getting anything like this, but then again I have NEVER seen anything like it! Since I couldn’t take it home with me it is still sitting in the store until I can get it here… now the pressing issue is where in the HECK am I going to put it?

So a question for you readers… Should I keep it for myself or fix it up and pass it on? Keep in mind if I do keep it something else HAS to go… just think about it… I know I am Thinking smile



Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by… until next time!

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Help Me To Let Go

Really… I’m not joking… even as I write this post I am still trying to figure out if there is anything I can move around or sell in order to keep this small blue chest… I WANT TO KEEP IT!! OK, enough whining… here goes the process…

The chest is a small side table or bedside table size, it is old but in good shape other than the veneer on the top… Great… I freakin LOVE removing veneer… REALLY… it’s like a million degrees outside why do I “need” to remove the veneer?! ARGH!!! Yes… it could have been repaired… but not if I wanted to stain it (which of course I did, when do I not?) and I was also concerned about the veneer having problems in the future, you could tell someone had put plants on the top as the water damage was pretty bad… which you cannot see because of the weird picture I took… so you’ll just have to trust me…


Looking at this picture it really looks like it is in VERY good shape doesn’t it? Other than the top it is… also I’m not a fan of oak… sorry!


I painted the chest in an unknown mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint… I say unknown because it literally was a mix of 4 different custom colors! I had about 1/3 of a cup to paint this with and I still have some left! I tell you a little of this paint goes a long way!


I did remove the top veneer and underlying glue layer using a combination of a heat gun, scraper and coarse sandpaper. The transformation of the top really dictated the direction I ended up taking for the overall look of the piece.


I painted about a coat and a half of the custom blue chalk paint and then very heavily distressed it. I sealed the paint with wax (Minwax) and then buffed it with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.


Beautiful original glass knobs… be still my heart!


I love the rusticity (yes… that is a “real” word Sarcastic smile) of the top, I thought the cracks would bother me, but the opposite of that is true… I think they add to the charm and character of the piece and I am so glad that they are there! I did sand the top down starting with 60 grit then 80-100-150-220 in that order… it is very smooth! I applied a Dark Walnut stain and then let it sit a day before waxing it with a dark soft wax.


I think this piece has been given a new life and I truly could not be happier. I think this is one of my favorite pieces and it will be VERY hard to let it go… I hope you like it too… just not enough to want to buy it Winking smile! This particular “problem” of mine is the one downside of this little hobby… learning to let go of pieces or facing the very real possibility of my children reporting me to “Hoarders”… this is no joke people… I’m gearing up to do another show and my house/garage/basement looks quite ridiculous right now… but still I dream of finding a place for this here so it can be “mine”…

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble on and on…

Until next time!

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Loving Me Some Antique Mirrored Doors

I bought these doors from an estate auction… when I first saw the pictures I thought they were full-sized passage doors… nope… they are mirrored walnut armoire doors… They are VERY heavy and the mirror is starting to patina… which to me only makes them prettier. They must have been kept in a barn or shed that had birds in it because they were quite liberally plastered in bird poo… NICE!!



I cleaned off all of the poo (kind of me wasn’t it?) and sanded the frame down, as there was very little finish left on these doors the sanding went super fast! They looked very pretty in their cleaned up au-natural wood state but I wanted to paint them… sorry…


After they dried I applied a coat of Dark Walnut stain… the one on the left has been stained, the one on the right hasn’t been sanded or cleaned yet… Can you see the reflection of all of my piled up furniture? I told my Hubby that I would have enough room for him to park his car in the garage this winter… you would think with a three car garage that wouldn’t be a problem… Hmm… I might have to start storing some of this in my daughter’s room, she’s off to her second year at Radford so she’ll never know right?


I let the stain dry for a few hours and then painted them… each one differently (’cause I can that’s why!)… one of the combinations I chose was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey with highlights in Graphite and for the other I chose Antoinette with highlights in Coco. I love both combinations but the Antoinette / Coco combination is most certainly more feminine…


I lightly distressed the frames, applied wax and then buffed them… I love the flower detail on these doors! Can you see the patina happening with the mirror?


DSC_0034 (2)

Same close-up of the Grey/Graphite combo…



I left all of the original hardware on them… I just liked the way it looked…


One last look at them both…


They could easily be hung on the wall vertically or horizontally by attaching a cleat to the back… I’m contemplating keeping one of these for my youngest daughter because she doesn’t have a full length mirror in her room… which may be the reason her outfits don’t always “go” together… I swear the child doesn’t ever look at herself in a mirror and I think it’s about time for her to start doing that… YIKES! I’m thinking the Paris Grey one would be the best choice, she’s 10 and out of the “pink phase”…

Wow!… I think this will be the first project in a while where I “get” to keep something!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the armoire doors!

Until next time…

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I Am Ready For Fall With This Color!

What a beauty Sarcastic smile … I think she once was but she was no longer winning any contests looking like that! Oh yeah… by chance do you see the string that is tied around her legs near the top? No silly… it’s not a sash… It was someone’s solution to keeping her legs together… Oops… I found that amusing!

Because I thought it would sell faster without the sash string I removed the top and glued and clamped her legs together in order to fix her “little problem” … I also completely sanded down the top and the shelf, both were badly scared and I thought I wanted them stained not painted…



At this point in the process you can see that I decided not to stain the bottom shelf… this picture was taken after I had already painted her with two coats of a custom mix of Emperor’s Silk and Barcelona Orange Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to achieve this Coral color… I used the leftovers from my secretary project here but added a little more orange to it… she looks pink now, but you wait until she has been waxed!


Oh so pretty… bet you didn’t think the top could turn out that good.. well me either! I applied two coats of Dark Walnut stain and then two coats of Dark Walnut Finish Oil… then a layer of dark soft wax… I have noticed that with the very damaged tops they can end up looking a little dry if I don’t apply the oil before I wax…


When I removed the top I also removed the brass rods and sprayed them metallic silver… which helped painting that section of the legs super easy…

Harp 4

I did a very small amount of distressing…

Harp 6

And finished her off with a coat of hard paste wax… Here she is again… I’m afraid that she has turned into a bit of a camera hog now… sorry!


She is feeling fabulous now and is very much updated for 2012 with her new “coat”… I think she is pageant show ready once again! What do you think… is this Coral color perfect for Fall 2012?

Thanks for stopping by my little impromptu furniture fashion show!

Until next time…

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What Was This?

I’m not sure what this piece of furniture started out as, but it is a perfect bedside table now! I purchased it a few years ago and had been using it as a bedside table in the guest room. When I finished a piece of furniture that was a better fit for the space I moved this piece out and it waited around for its turn to be updated. This is the way it looked when I bought it…spray painted white and lightly distressed…



All of the pretty details and unique legs drew me to this piece… again not sure what it used to be… but recently I saw something that made me think it may have been an old sewing table…

The same client who had me paint the Green with Envy desk wanted this piece for a bedside table in the same room… so out came the custom green mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and CeCe Caldwell’s clay and chalk paint… so pretty!

It is so much prettier now painted green! I also waxed and buffed it after I lightly distressed it.


Look at all the pretty detail that a new (and better) paint job shows off…


Several layers of tops?…


Love this little finial below!


I just can’t get enough of these legs…


Here it is again… any ideas as to what it might have been originally? What do you think about the sewing cabinet idea?


My client sent me a picture of this setup next to her daughter’s bed and it is sooo perfect for the space! She is using the cabinet area to store books… couldn’t be a better use for this! Her daughter is so proud of her new furniture that she is doing a great job of keeping her books neatly put away now… a nice bonus for Mom don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest update! I’m done with the green paint for now and I have a couple of great coral chalk paint projects almost wrapped up and ready to share!

Until next time…

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Green with Envy Desk and Chair

I have a new client who found this cute little desk and chair at Goodwill…

It had handles, but I removed them before I took this picture… OOPS! I had also already lightly sanded the Formica top because I wanted to make absolutely sure that the paint would properly adhere to it.


The chair is a smaller kids sized chair, in great shape, just kind of blah…


My client wanted the desk and chair painted green, specifically the same green I used on this console table and we decided to paint the handles flat black to coordinate with the other furniture in her room.

The mix is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Versailles & Pure White with CeCe Caldwell’s Spring Green… so pretty!!!


After applying two coats of paint I lightly distressed the desk, applied wax and then buffed it.


The top just looks a little lighter than the body but it’s not, it was just super sunny (and hot and muggy) outside when I was taking these pictures…


I spray painted the chair in flat black, lightly distressed it and then sprayed a few coats of satin poly on it to bring back some shine… a fast and economical solution for this kind of chair… painting the chair by hand… with chalk paint, distressing, waxing and buffing is very time-consuming on a chair with so many spindles… YIKES! After it was complete I was VERY pleased with how the pieces looked together.


I love the set and I hope my youngest client does too…


I really love these kinds of desks, you can usually get them cheap and they are great for kids rooms! My middle daughter still has the one I painted for her 8 years ago! She uses it as a makeup table now and it is just perfect for that too!

Hope you like the set! Now onto my next project… hoping to paint inside with this one 😉

Thanks for stopping by… Until next time!

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Stacys Secretary Desk

I have a wonderful client, Stacy, who brought me this secretary desk to paint for her. It was previously painted a lovely crap brown, but thank goodness whoever painted it did a great job!


She saw a picture of it on Craig’s List and bought it from the store over the phone… a little dangerous not knowing what kind of shape it was in… but thank goodness it was in good shape and the price was right!

She lives about an hour away so she mailed me her candle holder and pillow case to help pull color inspiration from…


I chose Aubusson Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for the exterior and for the interior I made custom mix of ASCP in order to achieve a very beautiful Coral Chalk Paint color (equal parts Emperor’s Silk, Barcelona Orange & Antoinette)


I also added her monogram using transfer paper and black paint pens (SUPER low tech)…


I just LOVE how it came out… now what else can I monogram Laughing out loud


I heavily distressed this piece and I just adore the way the it looks! Check out the bow front drawers!

DSC_0038 (2)

After distressing I waxed the desk in clear wax then dark wax to achieve this look.


The original knobs were wood so I replaced the drawer knobs with these great lions head pulls, which I think coordinate perfectly with the feet! The upper knobs are very small so Stacy is going to try and hunt down some small glass ones to replace them, until she finds them these will do as I painted them to match the pulls.


Love me some ball and claw feet!


I still have to reinstall the glass in the upper cabinet, but it is so much easier to take a picture without it so I just left it out for now…

It is still hot and humid here in Virginia which makes sanding down chalk paint a little bit of a bear… but that is all I can complain about with this paint!

I hope you liked the new look for the secretary desk, personally I think she is much happier… blue is definitely her color!

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!!

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