Little Table Rescued

This little “cutie” was soooo gross when I bought it… it was clearly used for a plant stand and was covered in spider webs and dirt.. YUCK! But can you just imagine how versatile this piece could be?

0717121044a 0717121044

So obviously I sanded down the rough areas and cleaned it up really good before I started painting (yes… inside if you please)


I decided to paint it in Cream Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, just in case my daughter wanted it for her new room as a bedside table (see her dresser here) plus it’s a pretty neutral “happy” color! I also wanted to try my hand at typography so I added a little Shel Silverstein quote that really resonated with me…

I kept the typography process simple, because I really don’t think I can handle anything more complex right now! I just printed out the quote and used transfer paper underneath of the printout and traced the words with a pencil which transferred it to the top of the table (at this point I had already distressed / sanded, but had NOT waxed it)


After I removed the papers I then went over the words with a blue paint pen, it was very easy, even for my not so steady hand!


I liked the blue but it was a little bold for me… so I lightly sanded the words down to make it “scream” at me less… waxed and buffed the table and I was done!


I put it next to the white couch (just to take the pictures) so you could see how yellow this Cream color is… I love it!


This little table would work great as a bedside table, kitchen or even the bathroom!


It’s just the right size to fit almost anywhere!


I am going to sell this piece as my daughter wants use her current bedside tables in her new apartment… I’m a little sad to see it go, but I seriously have NOWHERE for it (just ask my hubby if you don’t believe me Laughing out loud)

Thanks for stopping by… Until next time!!

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Go Bold or Go Home!!

Did you know that some designers will recommend looking in your closet for color and style inspiration?

Well… these are my daughters shoes… she does not take after me with regard to apparel choices (just sayin’)… I remember her asking me to buy these for her (some years ago)… the conversation went something like this:

Sierra: Mom look at these shoes… aren’t they AWESOME!!

Me: Uh… are you serious? (me laughing)

Sierra: YES… would you please buy them for me?

Me: Nooo… you’ll never wear those shoes, they look like clown shoes!

Sierra: No they don’t!!! I will wear them, I promise! Please…I LOVE them!!!

Me: How about this… if you wear them more than 7 times then I will pay for them, but if you wear them less than that you have to pay me back?

Sierra: OK! I will wear them, don’t you worry…

She wore them just enough times not to have to pay me back. Although she still insists she loves them I don’t see her wearing them anymore… a part of me thinks she got them just because I didn’t like them… you know how that goes right?!

So Sierra is going to be a sophomore at Radford University this Fall and needs bedroom and living room furniture for her first apartment… lucky for her I just happen to know “someone”… yes… it’s ME!
She is totally in charge of color etc., I’m just here to help her put her vision onto the pieces. So up first is her bedroom set (bought on Craig’s List), which looked like this when I bought it…

It is a Bassett 9 drawer dresser, in great condition, with feminine lines.

0122120814and a mirror…

0712121025aand a headboard…


Here are the colors she choose… Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Florence and Cream, both of these colors are new for me so I am excited to use them!


We flipped the dresser over onto a table in order to paint it upside down, I find it’s easier to paint this way, having it elevated makes it super easy on the back!


We painted the dresser with two coats of the Cream chalk paint and then flipped it over to finish the top. I removed the old varnish and stain by sanding down the top with 100/150/220 grit sandpaper. After removing the dust with a tack cloth I applied a coat of Dark Walnut stain, waited 10 minutes then applied a coat of Kona stain let that sit for a while and then wiped the piece down (wiping with the grain) with a paper towel.

Look how pretty it is already!


The drawers got two coats of Florence chalk paint and some Cream chalk paint accents. We went through a few variations / test runs on the drawers, but in the end I think she made a good choice.


I also think we made a great choice by painting them inside, although dinner was not served in the Morning Room that night… oops! Seriously… it was WAY too muggy to paint in the garage!

We also painted the knobs inside using Martha Stewart’s Metallic Polished Silver paint. After they were dry we applied a coat of Martha Stewart’s Black Coffee Glaze and wiped it off leaving residue in the “cracks”. I sprayed two coats of clear protective finish on them to maintain the finish.

We distressed the pieces with 220 grit sandpaper (most definitely an outdoor process) then waxed and buffed them (we did THAT inside!!)

I finished the top off with three coats of satin polyurethane, lightly sanding in between each coat.

The final results!

DSC_0014 (2)

The “special effect” on the mirror was created by our LOVELY Richmond weather… so gross & muggy!

A close-up of the top I worked so hard on…


I LOVE how the knobs turned out… my favorite knob redo so far…


I am thrilled at how good the distressing on the drawers looks too…


I love the drawer and knob combination!


I think we will leave the mirror unattached and just hang it on the wall with a cleat…

DSC_0010 (2)

I really love this piece and I hope she will take care of it so she can enjoy it for many years… however I wish she would hire some movers to help her get this into her new apartment because even without the drawers this sucker is H-E-A-V-Y!!

Thank goodness the headboard is light… again took a little trial and error to get the color combination just right…

DSC_0011 (2)

Love the beautiful soft curves on this piece…

DSC_0017 (2)

Most importantly though Sierra LOVES these pieces too… I think she’s a lucky young lady!!! She is REALLY glad that they are done Sarcastic smile

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!!!

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Vintage Frame Turned Chalkboard

This frame is FABULOUS!! It is vintage solid wood with gesso, it does have a few spots where the gesso has broken off but it is not very noticeable… the frame itself is 34×48… perfect for a chalkboard or corkboard!

The “awesome” BEFORE picture!


Here is a close-up of the relief detail…


So I had two custom mixes of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint leftover from previous projects, about a 1/4 of a cup each… I crossed my fingers and mixed the two together… it came out a GORGEOUS silver sage color!!! I could not have been happier… well I could have if I knew how to recreate it! (sorry cell phone picture..) This is it after one coat, which is all I did, great coverage on this!


I also painted a band of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White around the perimeter and then ever so lightly distressed the entire frame… I didn’t want to remove any of the gesso! I then sprayed the frame with a clear sealant (Krylon) because I was concerned about the fragility of the piece if I waxed it… or if I’m being 100% honest it was also because it was easier & faster too… Embarrassed smile

My hubby cut a piece of wood for me for the chalkboard area and I painted it with a coat of primer and 4 coats of chalkboard paint.

The end result…


Some close-up shots…

DSC_0036 DSC_0039

Even though we all love it, this one is not a keeper… there are only so many chalkboards one can have right? So I hope she goes to a good home!

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!!

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Making Picture Frames From Oak Flooring

OK… so I have had a couple of bundles, 100 square feet or so, of oak flooring just sitting around my garage gathering dust… I got the flooring at auction for $7 and I thought it would come in handy for making a table top (no I haven’t gotten around to that yet). However, we needed two good-sized frames for some photo’s we picked up in Charleston, SC. So my SAH (Super Awesome Hubby) and I (really it was just me…) decided it was time to break out the saw and make some frames with this flooring. The wood already has a lip (“tongue”) to hold the picture so it should be a pretty easy project… and other than the 1000% humidity it wasn’t too bad…

Our process…

My SAH cut the floor boards ends at 45 degree angles and used our new joiner to make holes in the ends for the biscuits to be inserted. We first put some wood glue in the holes, inserted the wood biscuit and just repeated the process until the 4 sides were joined to one another. We then used my VERY favorite clamp to pull it all tight (and square)… it is my frame clamp that I use for just about everything! LOVE IT!!


The clamp wraps around the entire frame and gets tightened with the red handle… I also use this clamp when I am repairing drawers.

After the frame set overnight I filled the cracks with wood filler and sanded the entire frame with 150 grit sandpaper.

0715121133I used Valspar black paint on the inside lip (to give it some contrast) and then painted the rest of the frame with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite. After the paint dried I lightly sanded it down and applied dark wax directly to the chalk paint surface. This helps darken the graphite color versus just using the clear wax.


I also left the “groove” part of the outside of the frame as is… I kind of like it..I was trying to think of something cleaver to do with it but nothing came to mind…


Here they are all dressed up with photos (not mine) and ready to hang… now I just need to find somewhere to hang them!?


They are photos of doors of Charleston homes, I bought at a shop on Kings Street “Images” the artist is Don Bennett and he has some GORGEOUS photos!!


The door above is very close in coloring to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint “Provence”… hmm.. no wonder why I fell in love with it immediately!

These were VERY simple frames to make if you have the right tools, but even with simpler tools they would still be easy to make… I wanted black frames because it’s the photos I want to draw the attention, not the frame… the colors are very vibrant in person…

I’m going out to buy some glass for them later… I think I am just trying to avoid working in the 99 degree heat…

Thanks for stopping by… until next time!

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Creating Decorative Glass Plates


This was such a fun project for me! I purchased a case of these plates from Behrenberg Glass Company… they are “seconds” which means they will have bubbles or waves in them. As they are hand blown I thought I would much rather have them with the “imperfections” then without… The plates started out as just plain glass, they have a buffed edge and a slight curve around the edges as well…

My process:

I used my Silhouette to cut out the shapes, making sure to reverse the image if necessary, but you can create your own shapes using tape or contact paper.

  • Clean the plate VERY good & apply the vinyl to the back, it got a little tricky near the edges with the all over pattern because the plate is not flat.
  • Spray the plates with Krylon Looking Glass spray, 3 light coats, this stuff is great… you can really see your image in it. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • After the paint is dry remove the vinyl.
  • “Age” the mirrored surface by spraying ammonia on the paint and blotting with a paper towel until you are happy with the results, this takes a little practice and it is NOT meant to look perfect so each item will be unique!
  • Spray the back of the plates with a spray paint color of your choice, 2 coats should do it.
  • Use craft glue to attach a piece of craft felt to the back of the plate
  • Once the glue is dry trim the felt with a sharp pair of scissors & you are done!

Use can also use cork or felt “feet” for the plates, I have done it both ways but prefer the felt to cover the entire bottom of the plate.

This is an inexpensive vase I received with some flowers, I love the imperfect look of this! What a nice way to recycle some of those vases you are holding on to! I use the same process as above on this. I do not use it as a vase for flowers anymore, but as more of a decorative item.


This set shows how nice the true “aged” mirror effect works!


Another set of plates, just different shapes…


So if you have some glass plates or vases sitting around not being used why not try this out for yourself? They are great hostess gifts! My oldest daughter took two for her college roommates as they would be great as a catch all for keys, jewelry etc!

Thanks for stopping by and checking them out… would love to hear what you think about them!

Until next time…

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Baby Boy Dresser

Whew! It is sooo hot outside, these are the days when I really should be painting inside!

Anyway, this is a dresser for a client of mine in Northern Virginia. She is having a baby boy in August and wanted a special piece for the nursery… So I found this piece at auction and fell in love with the little drawers…

Can’t you just see all of the tiny baby socks going in the little drawers?


It was very roughed up, but was solid maple and VERY heavy! Check out the side handles!


The front fascia foot board had come loose so I screwed it back on and filled the holes. I also had to fill in a few areas of missing veneer as well… but over all this piece was in great shape!

This is the top after it was sanded down, so much better!


Here it is after a coat of grey tinted Kilz… huge difference already! I know with ASCP you don’t need to prime, but I was concerned with bleed through of the “ugly” on the top!


I lightly distressed the piece by using 150-220 grit sandpaper on the highlights, this picture shows you the difference in the color of the paint once I applied the wax to it (the waxed side is on the right). The color is a 50/50 mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Louis Blue & Old White.


This is my handy-dandy way of softening the wax… stick it in the 95 degree sunshine on my scoot-n-go! I makes the paste wax go on like butter!


These knobs won’t be the final knobs as my client is providing the knobs for the piece… I like these though, just not for a baby boy’s room… I really like the way the original maple is peeking through the paint, just enough to show some depth.


You can see how even a light distressing on the side brings out the faint ridges where the boards were joined.


The sheen that the wax provides really stands out in this shot! Seriously the piece is super smooth… I just love this little front fascia foot board!


I also wanted to share an interesting thing happened to me during this project… I had painted (after priming) some of the drawer fronts sample colors to show my client knowing I could easily wipe the paint off with water after she choose a color… well the chalk paint CLUNG to the primer and didn’t want to come off! I was very surprised and I ended up having to sand the drawer fronts down… just food for thought for those of you out there using ASCP.

Also, many of you may know this but in case you didn’t I also wanted to let you know that if you have drawers that don’t open smoothly anymore all you need to do is apply wax on the wooden drawer glides, both in the cabinet and on the drawers, and they will open smoothly again. I heard you can also use a bar of soap, but I had wax so that is what I used.

I hope you all are trying to stay cool in these super hot days! What happened to our Spring?

Thanks for stopping by… and as always I love reading you comments!

Until next time…

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Touring Beautiful Historic Charleston, SC

Well we JUST got back from our family vacation in Orlando… you know the whole Disney / Harry Potter world thing… and we had quite a bit of yard clean up to do thanks to some serious storms that swept through here while we were gone! My poor sister was house & dog sitting for us and we lost power for about half a day and had to throw away a ton of food! As it is bloody HOT and muggy here I decided rather than sweat it out in the garage working on furniture I thought I’d give share with you a picture tour of Charleston South Carolina, where we spent the night on our way back to Richmond…

Beautiful pink house on the waterfront… check out the faux owl on the balcony.. I guess to scare other birds away…DSC_0025


Can you imagine sitting out on those balconies enjoying the view of the waterfront?


This is a wonderful gated parking entrance with a vine covered arbor, I think it was roses…


Each level of these iron balconies are different, I just love the look!


This house is just huge! Look at the widows walk on top the roof… I bet the access to that is very cool!


Yummy close-up…


Look at those curved arches running all along the wrap around porch!


Can you just imagine this space being in your bedroom?


I saw a few of these lights around.. wish they still made these! I know they are super gothic looking, but I just love them!

DSC_0081 DSC_0083

Look at the filigree on this balcony!


Again with the expansive southern porch… I want this please…


Some more gorgeous gates and architecture..

DSC_0089 DSC_0097

A beautiful church… Charleston is chock a block full of churches…


Lovely shade of pumpkin on this door!


The knocker is to die for!


Private gated courtyard…


Some of the houses were more like row houses, set close together, so some of the entrances were on the side rather than the front, loved the copper and stucco on this one!


Gated side entrance with gas lights!


Me and my girls before we stared the walk.. it was a miserably hot and humid day!


Dab and the littlest at the beginning of the walk…


Towards the end no one wanted to touch one another we were so covered in sweat! But I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the architecture was and we all agreed that we would love to live here… I however would need to make sure that the house had central air conditioning first! In case you are interested there were a lot of houses for sale… I would have loved to have know for how much…

Hope you enjoyed a little sightseeing tour of Charleston… at least you didn’t have to sweat it out to see it! I highly recommend taking the time to visit here if you haven’t already! They also have horse drawn carriage tours if you would rather not walk it… and a very nice upscale shopping district too!

Hope you are all staying cool! Until next time!

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