Lucketts Spring Market 2012 Loot

Ok.. I had 5 weeks to prepare for this event and I think I’m ready.. I wanted to show you glimpse behind the “curtain” before I leave..

What my “Study” looks like today…

Completely embarrassing and not getting any studying done in here…


Hiding behind the Study door…


I have 6 cool chandeliers.. some hanging out in bubble wrap..


My “Library” or Living Room whichever you prefer…


I was going to bring the cool tin antique horse and chippy desk in the bay window area, but they look so good there I think I will keep them for a while..

And because the Library couldn’t hold everything some stuff has spilled into the Foyer!


All of the rest of the goodies are in Manassas waiting to head up the road to Lucketts! Sorry about the blurriness, a friend took the pictures with his cell phone..




I’m sure the folks in my husbands office are like WTF!? But they had the space so I “borrowed” it for a little while Winking smile Can you imagine if I had all of that in my house plus the other stuff..? Umm, I think “someone” would call A&E so that they could feature my on “Hoarders”.. no joke people! So I didn’t show you the inside of my garage, which has no cars, just furniture and lawn equipment… but I promised “someone” that I wouldn’t buy anymore until I finished some all of the it…

Not pictured anywhere..

  • 14 vintage black exterior wood shutters (with mounting hardware)
  • a box of iron claw tub feet, not sure how many.. maybe 15
  • about 25 antique chippy cedar balusters
  • a super chippy yellow set of exterior French doors with glass top
  • a set of LARGE Snowflake glass & louver doors (very heavy)
  • a HUGE vertical paneled HEAVY arse door that would be AWESOME converted into a headboard (it also has a cool brown glass knob still attached)
  • a very large frame (4×5) I painted Provence & converted into a headboard with foam & white fabric interior… LOVE this so much…

Whew.. I’ve been busy, but that is about it.. I’m not painting anything else until after the show! I hope you can come to the Market, the weather looks like it is going to be PERFECT!!

Until next time…

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  1. I so wish I lived close enough to come, but from Michigan it jsut a bit too far for weekend! have a great time and hope you sell tons of stuff!


  2. Wow!!! That’s a LOT of great stuff. Have you figured out how you’re going to arrange everything? That’s my next move … then loading up for Friday morning set up. This is going to be SO much fun!


    1. No idea how I’m going to lay it out.. I can tell you I’m less concerned about “pretty” than just making sure people can see everything! I’ll see you Friday! Don’t forget to bring snacks and something to drink.. Those food lines were LONG last year..! Super excited as well 😉


  3. Susan,
    Holy cow you have a lot of stuff!!!! That’s amazing. I can’t imagine how much time and effort you put into all of that. I’m preparing for a vintage market (my first one) at the end of June and have about a fraction of what you have and am already exhausted. I wish I lived nearby so I could check it out!! Good luck this weekend.
    PS – hope you’ll post pictures of the market!!



    1. Hey Kathyrn, I do have a lot of stuff.. I haven’t sold but 2 pieces in the last 5 or so weeks so I really have been idling onto everything! The space is a 10×20 and it is my first show too… now I’m a little freaked out that I’ve over done it.. Yikes! I hope your June market turns out great! And I am totally going to post pictures of the Market, hopefully some before and then some after.. I’ll send my oldest daughter out to take pictures!



  4. Everything looks so beautiful !! You should feel very proud of yourself! Good luck with the sale, and maybe you can have a “garage” sale when you get back so we can come over and shop any leftovers,which I bet there will be none!
    Leigh Ann


  5. Wow, you have great stuff! You’ve been really busy… Found you through MMS link party. I’m going to be a first time vendor as well and coming from Raleigh with just a trailer for a single booth, even though I finished enough for two. My husband was like, “you’re not going to fit this in a 10×10!” He was right…I’ll be having a garage sale when I get back 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet you,



  6. It’s my first time vending at Lucketts too! I found you through Miss Mustard Seeds link party. I can’t wait to be all set up and settled- so much to think about!!!

    Good luck with all of the last minute touches, and I’m hoping to stop by and say hi this weekend 🙂


  7. I hope to see you at the Market, too! I’m coming down to shop and to blog my way through. I’m trying to give everyone who can’t make it but wanted to (SO BADLY) a taste of what they’re missing!
    See you on Saturday


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