Custom Green Demilune Console Table

This is not a vintage or antique piece… but it is VERY pretty and sturdy and what the heck.. I’m just going to paint it anyway so I shouldn’t be but so picky! At least I didn’t have to remove veneer, peeling paint or major reconstruction… a nice change if I do say so myself!

Here it is.. cherry finish, unknown wood species… sorry for the dark picture.. it was a HOT sunny day…WHEW!!


It has great fluted legs, metal tips on the bottoms of the legs, metal sunflower inserts over the legs and some great inset panels… a lot of good detail to showoff with paint! I cleaned it with TSP and lightly sanded the top prior to painting it with a custom chalk / clay paint mixture. That is the beauty of these paints.. no primer necessary!

Here she is after one coat of “custom” paint.. I mixed Versailles, Pure White and Spring Green (CeCe) paint to get the color… I had it leftover from another project I have not posted yet… love the color and I used every last drop to finish this piece! It is kind of a nice celery color..


Here it is after the second coat, which I was able to apply about 20 minutes after the first coat, another plus of these paints is the super quick dry time!


The sanding took a little longer than usual, because of all of the detail, I hand sanded most of it with 220 sandpaper. I then applied a coat of Minwax paste wax, which if you didn’t already know goes on like BUTTER on a hot day.. seriously worth waxing in the sun for! I brought it into the shady garage after I waxed it and 20 or so minutes later buffed it with 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.. I have been painting so many blue tables recently my daughter’s were glad to see a green table.. but not so happy to learn we were not keeping it Sad smile


I think it is PURDY too! Look at the metal flower details…


Nice legs… Surprised smile


Well I think it is super awesome and ready to look great in someone’s home… See what you can get accomplished in an afternoon if you don’t have to do major repairs.. so nice.. I’m not planning on getting used to it though…

As a side note my littlest (9 year old) daughter wanted to help me buff the table, not sure why but who am I to question, it was so cute to see her excited about how smooth and shiny it became after she rubbed it with the steel wool.. now if I can just convince her to do the same to the wood floors in the house we would be set Winking smile… Anyway, while she was helping me she noticed some vintage house doors that I had just picked up to take to Lucketts Spring Market and she was wondering what I was going to do with them.. “Nothing” I replied… “sell them like they are” I said… she thought I was pulling her leg… “who would want to buy nasty old chipping, painted doors” she questioned.. AHHH… she makes me laugh EVERY… SINGLE… DAY…

Until next time guys…

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  1. What a beautiful color! I couldn’t see that it was green until I got to the close up pictures. It is such a soft subtle color. The distressing is just right too. I bet that one will sell quick. Great job!


  2. Gorge!!! And what’s the dilly-o with Cece paint? Is it better than Annie Sloan? I gotta say that I will take minwax any day over Annie’s. Her’s is a pain in the tushie to apply!


    1. Kim.. You are funny! Thanks for the compliment! I like CeCe it is VERY similar to ASCP ($10 cheaper a can) and I think it waxes “funny” hard to explain, but you should try it.. Watch out for that Spring Green it is SUPER bright!


  3. I just saw your link at the SNS link up at FJI. I gotta say, I absolutely love the color you mixed up. And the distressing is awesome! Just facebook’d about it 🙂 Great job!


  4. Gosh! Who would have thought that the run of the mill console table could become such a treasure? Really wonderful the way it turned out. Thanks for all the painting and waxing tips. I saw your post over at “Funky Junk Interiors’.


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