Country Cupboard

I cannot write this post without first (once again) thanking my Aunt for her help. Without her pushing me along on this project I would still be sanding away at it today… No seriously, sometimes in this line of work being a perfectionist is not a good thing.. I KNOW people love some pieces to look old and chippy… I’m just having a hard time determining what is “good” old and chippy and what is “bad” old and chippy… maybe it’s all good?!

So the before photo I have is when I took a picture of it in the store… those are NOT my bottles..



The cupboard glass had been replaced with Plexiglas at some point and whoever painted this should NEVER be allowed to paint again… I cannot tell you how many drips and drops there were! The best part.. wait for it… the very best part… they painted OVER the shelf paper that lined all of the shelves! Really.. too lazy to remove shelf paper? I bet they didn’t even clean the paper before they painted it! Also, it looks like the middle section used to have a drawer but was removed at some point…I kind of like it now better! So there were some issues… but I do love the vintage look of the piece..

There is a happy ending for the cupboard…

We sanded, removed the shelf paper and replaced the broken latches on the base cabinet doors. I also replaced the Plexiglas with real glass, installing the glass with silicone caulk and then finishing it off with window pane putty. I removed the paint from the interior latches and the handles by soaking them over night in a solution of Ammonia and water.. the paint literally peeled off..

We painted the exterior of the cupboard in Duck Egg chalk paint and the interior was painted in a custom green chalk paint made by mixing Versailles, Pure White and Spring Green. A top coat of wax was applied then the entire piece was buffed… it was a lot!

The big reveal…



Some yummy chippy details…


Original handles… PERFECT condition under all of that paint!


Love the green & blue combination!


I think this would be a great area to put a wine glass holder Laughing out loud


What do you think… just enough chippiness or what?

Thanks for stopping by… until next time guys!

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Antique French Cane Bench

This is a beautiful antique cane bottom bench in great condition except for the cane…

I didn’t do anything to the original structure of the piece except for clean it up…


I know what you are thinking.. where the heck is the cane…


There it is… it is the original cane (as far as I can tell). This is “hole to hole” cane ya’ll, not pressed cane. The difference being is when this was made the cane was hand sewn hole to hole, unlike sheet cane that is just pressed into a groove. You can see towards the back that it was damaged (and beyond my capability to fix)… however I did not want to ruin the authenticity of the piece so I used two small molding pieces to adhere the new seat to the bench…this way it is easily removed if someone wants to repair the cane. My hubby cut out the seat bottom for me out of 1/4 plywood we had on hand. I attached a piece of 2” foam to the wood and covered it with cotton batting and fabric.. using my AWESOME newish staple gun!!

This great French script fabric was leftover from another project and it just looks perfect on the piece!


Check out the HAND carved detail on the legs…



And the apron front…


I just think this is a lovely antique piece that will be treasured for many more years to come! See.. I DON’T paint everything, especially when it is so beautiful already! This little bench is headed up to Lucketts Spring Market…

Thanks for stopping by guys… until next time!!

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Another Vintage French Provincial Dining Table…

I have chairs to go with this table.. Yay.. and I think I got some pretty good before pictures too…

This is a vintage cherry table and 4 chair set. The table and chairs were in overall very good condition, they just needed a little updating and TLC!



before chairsSorry about this super blurry chair picture.. but it was all I had!

The first thing I did was turn the table over and paint the apron in a very light light it ALMOST looks white. I then flipped the table back over and sanded the top down to remove the old finish and scratches.. no stripper.. just sanding!


It has a beautiful cherry grain and great lines!

Here is where things get a little “crazy”.. I wanted to try something different and I had this “sun bleached” stain I had picked up a while back just waiting to get used.. the color looked like driftwood to me.. so I applied it to the table top… didn’t really like it.. it made it look like pickled wood…YIKES! So before the stain had a chance to set I applied a coat of special walnut to the top and removed most of the sun bleached stain plus the walnut stain with paper towels.. lots of paper towels… Did you know you can remove stain with more stain.. I know kind of weird and it doesn’t make sense but it works.. so I let the table dry overnight and applied another coat of special walnut stain. What I thought was really interesting is that the grey was still there but more of an undertone..I liked it… it looked different.. not TOO different.. but different enough to catch your eye… I REALLY like it! Sorry no pictures at this stage, I think I was a little freaked out! I finished the top off with two coats of paste wax and then buffed it.

I then went back to the apron and legs and lightly distressed them and then applied a black glaze to help deepen the grey tone.. just love the way it hangs out in the crevices.. the glaze part is always the most stressful part to me.. you have to hurry, work in small areas and can’t stop once you start.. but the final result it is so worth it!

I also sanded the chairs, in order to remove the nicks that occur over time, and painted them in Duck Egg chalk paint… I did 1 1/2 coats.. you know… one good full coat then a 1/2 coat to touch up where you see brush strokes… I then lightly distressed them, waxed and buffed them.. man did my hands HURT after all of that!! The seats were in great condition, WHEW!, so all I did was add new fabric to them (this is a Waverly print) and reattached them once the chairs were buffed.

So here she is in all of her glory… Dinner in the garden anyone?


Can you see the grey undertones in the wood grain?


I love the combination of the Duck Egg blue with the grey…


OK.. so the set is doesn’t match, but it coordinates beautifully! I love the look of painted pieces mixed and matched together.. What about you?

Thanks for stopping by guys…until next time!

PS… This set is heading up to Lucketts if anyone is interested.. 😉

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Custom Green Demilune Console Table

This is not a vintage or antique piece… but it is VERY pretty and sturdy and what the heck.. I’m just going to paint it anyway so I shouldn’t be but so picky! At least I didn’t have to remove veneer, peeling paint or major reconstruction… a nice change if I do say so myself!

Here it is.. cherry finish, unknown wood species… sorry for the dark picture.. it was a HOT sunny day…WHEW!!


It has great fluted legs, metal tips on the bottoms of the legs, metal sunflower inserts over the legs and some great inset panels… a lot of good detail to showoff with paint! I cleaned it with TSP and lightly sanded the top prior to painting it with a custom chalk / clay paint mixture. That is the beauty of these paints.. no primer necessary!

Here she is after one coat of “custom” paint.. I mixed Versailles, Pure White and Spring Green (CeCe) paint to get the color… I had it leftover from another project I have not posted yet… love the color and I used every last drop to finish this piece! It is kind of a nice celery color..


Here it is after the second coat, which I was able to apply about 20 minutes after the first coat, another plus of these paints is the super quick dry time!


The sanding took a little longer than usual, because of all of the detail, I hand sanded most of it with 220 sandpaper. I then applied a coat of Minwax paste wax, which if you didn’t already know goes on like BUTTER on a hot day.. seriously worth waxing in the sun for! I brought it into the shady garage after I waxed it and 20 or so minutes later buffed it with 0000 steel wool and a soft cloth.. I have been painting so many blue tables recently my daughter’s were glad to see a green table.. but not so happy to learn we were not keeping it Sad smile


I think it is PURDY too! Look at the metal flower details…


Nice legs… Surprised smile


Well I think it is super awesome and ready to look great in someone’s home… See what you can get accomplished in an afternoon if you don’t have to do major repairs.. so nice.. I’m not planning on getting used to it though…

As a side note my littlest (9 year old) daughter wanted to help me buff the table, not sure why but who am I to question, it was so cute to see her excited about how smooth and shiny it became after she rubbed it with the steel wool.. now if I can just convince her to do the same to the wood floors in the house we would be set Winking smile… Anyway, while she was helping me she noticed some vintage house doors that I had just picked up to take to Lucketts Spring Market and she was wondering what I was going to do with them.. “Nothing” I replied… “sell them like they are” I said… she thought I was pulling her leg… “who would want to buy nasty old chipping, painted doors” she questioned.. AHHH… she makes me laugh EVERY… SINGLE… DAY…

Until next time guys…

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A Proposition, a Confirmation and a Realization

The “Proposition”…

My very new blog friend Connie from Hartwood Roses had a little dilemma… see she and one of her friends are splitting a space at the Lucketts Spring Market. Well somehow they got their signals crossed and instead of one of them getting a 10 x 20 vendor space to share they each signed up for a double space! Since they only needed one space the other one was available for someone else… and this is where I come in… Connie contacted me and asked if having a space at the Market might be something I was interested in… Hmmm….

The “Confirmation”…

I definitely had to think about, and discuss with my hubby, this awesome proposition. You see I had thought about trying to get a space this year, but I thought “nope, I’m not ready”… So after giving this opportunity some thought I reached a point where I felt like “OK, someone is trying to tell me something”… (Other than my husband telling asking me to finish some furniture so that we can use the garage for something other than a furniture hoarder’s paradise Winking smile) So I very excitedly said “Yes!” to Connie’s offer and then…

The “Realization”…

The next day the daunting task that I have just taken on hits me… I have to get a CRAP load of furniture done in a VERY short amount of time! I started second guessing myself, as I was working my way through painting a few dining chairs.. “What have I done…” I’m thinking and I seriously went into panic mode… you see I’m a littlebit of a perfectionist and a BIG time planner… How am I going to get enough furniture complete to reasonably fill a 10×20 foot space? At this point my seriously calm, laid-back and irritatingly rational hubby helped me look at it from a different angle… I will finish what I can and go and have fun! Since I will be a vendor I don’t have to wait in a line to get in, a huge plus for me since I hate lines and I was planning on going to the Market anyway!

So here I am with some furniture complete, I’ve picked up some great “filler” items (I’ll post some pictures soon) and I’m slightly less panicky! My Aunt has come to the rescue quite a few days and when my eldest daughter comes home from college she will be helping me get ready too! I have a plan, which helps me take the panic level down a few notches, and I hope to be able to stick to it! Unfortunately the dust bunnies scurrying around my house will only get bigger and the layer of dust on everything will get a little thicker… but I HATE cleaning anyway so this will be a great excuse to “take a break”… you seriously don’t want to come visit me between now and May 18th though… it’s not a pretty sight..!!!

I hope if you are able to come to the Lucketts Spring Market you do! You won’t be disappointed… there is so much to see and buy!

Wish me luck and if you are going to go to the Market let me know.. I’ll keep a look out for you!

Until next time…

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Drexel “Touraine” French Provincial Bed

SCORE!!!! Ok… sorry to be so excited, but when I got this bed I was SO very excited! Ok…so what if I had to drive 45 miles away, in rush hour morning traffic, to a semi sketchy area….whatever.. I got the bed! I was originally thinking of fixing it up for my youngest but I changed my mind… HEY! I’m allowed… I have another bed I picked up for her a while back that I like better, well maybe not “better” but I think it is a better fit for her… Anyway, this is a full (or double) sized Drexel piece from their “Touraine” line… it is a French Provincial line that I think is just beautiful. Sorry…I only took one before picture.. and we had already fixed some spots and I had put a little paint on it.. see I told you I was excited!!! before One of the legs on the footboard was a little loose so my hubby and I removed it, sanded off the old glue and reattached it using Gorilla Glue. We used a strap clamp (that is made for frames) to pull it tight and ensure it stayed snug while the glue dried. There were a few nicks that needed some wood filler and some rough spots that needed smoothing, but other than that it was in great shape! After the glue and filler dried we lightly sanded the rough spots and cleaned it with TSP to get it ready for some chalk paint! We decided to paint the frame in Old Ochre and the headboard in Provence…. at this point though I lost helper number one (hubby) to a round of golf! What! Golf over painting… how could he?! But I forced recruited helper number two, my middle daughter, to help me with the painting…. let me tell you she was THRILLEDto help.. (if you are not “hearing” the sarcasm I’m sorry, it’s hard for me to convey it through writing, I’ll work on it!) After the painting was done (two coats) I “retired” my helper (much to her dismay) and worked on the distressing part of the bed… I think it’s difficult for two people to distress a piece because you never seem to distress the same way… Distressing chalk paint is SO messy, but super easy and fast! I then applied a coat of wax, let it set, came back later and buffed it with a combination of 0000 steel wool and a final rub down with a soft cloth.

Here she is… I wanted to put a mattress in it and take a nap under the birch tree…




A shot of some of the detail on the headboard…


Look at her AWESOME legs (or leg)!!

DSC_0221I’m in LOVE with this bed! Great legs.. you know I have a thing for legs! If I was keeping it I would put my daughter’s initials in the center, but since I’m selling it that would not make sense Winking smile! Let me know what you think….but I hope you like her!!! On to the next project…

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Cute Child’s Secretary

I don’t often make special trips to Goodwill… I just don’t seem to have the “luck” that some of you have and more often than not I leave empty handed… but if I’m near one I always check it out! So I was very happy that this time I spotted this super cute secretary & chair!

UF Childs Desk ; ; UF Childs Desk Chair

The secretary had nice legs and was a great size (and that’s about it)! The chair was just plain gross, but sturdy, so that was helpful. I had to fill some cracks, fix the hinge and lever on the fold down top and of course sand and paint them both. I couldn’t help but think that this would be a perfect piece for a little girl…being partial to girls since I have three of my own it’s easy to go there! So I picked up some pretty small print damask fabric that has grey, pink and cream tones as well as a coordinating striped fabric for the chair. After the repairs, a good sanding and cleaning I painted both pieces in a white / off white paint I had on hand. I then decoupaged the damask fabric to the inside of the desk, the “little” drawer and the “big” drawer. I also replaced the original knobs with some cute light pink glass ones that I picked up from Anthropologie. I replaced the seat foam and fabric on the chair because what was there was very thin and not comfortable at all!

Well here she is….

I think she turned out super cute!

F Secretary2

I coated the desk & drawer fabric with a few coats of Mod Podge for protection and then lightly sanded it down with 250 grit sandpaper to remove the roughness that the Mod Podge left….it came out feeling silky smooth!

F Secretary3

Can you imagine how cute this would be in a little girls room?

F Secretary

It would probably never get used but I just love thinking about how it would look in the right space!

I just love it… and you? Kind of wish my littlest one was little enough to have enjoyed this one…

On a slightly personal note I’m SUPER busy working on lots of pieces and I might even have some awesome news to share next week! So thanks for stopping by and as always I love reading your comments!

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